Cannabis News – Has the Surgeon General Researched Marijuana? | Ep. 477 | 09-03-2019

Joe Klare discusses almost one year of legalization in Canada, Bob Marley’s son seeking entry into the New Jersey medical marijuana market and the things the …


  1. Canada is a State in the USA – sovereignliving….youtube.:)…lol… i laugh enough already imagine if i added weed to the mix. Hilarity would ensue. Bob Marleys son has Red Hair and he's Irish? That's cool.

  2. Half of the Canadian cannabis producers are ex police and politicians. Medical has been here for 18 years and there only a little over 200 licensed growers. It's all setup to keep the black market thriving so police get more money for budgets. It went from 8 old cannabis laws to 45 federally and added provincial laws with Canadian legalization scam takeover. More wasted tax money, clogged courts and people locked up.

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