1. Repurposing the trim leaves for juicing if not buyable as leaves, could be done as fresh juice popcicles. I'd drop in at a dispensary on a hot day for a health shot popcicle on their outdoor/indoor lounge, it should be the cost of a smoothie though, I dont like buying edibles the cost of a weekend's worth of weed but it just for it to last for a single session.

  2. There's some interesting studies showing that juicing isn't really as great as you think… a lot of those compounds in the plant material actually need the enzymes found in your saliva when you chew the plants in order to break down and do you any good. Just grinding stuff up is NOT the same as "digesting it for you" like this presenter says; digestion is a chemical biological process. That certainly doesn't mean juicing has no value, just don't believe all the hype from snake-oil salesmen and wannabe weather girls reading stuff off a prompter.

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