Cannabis Insanity New Study – Legalization News – Week of March 20, 2019

Cannabis insanity new study – Legalization News for March 20, 2019. NFL – calls for cannabis Lancet – says Cannabis makes you insane Washington …


  1. MAN! I am so mad that I missed this live. I had so much to say on all of it. aaaarg. it Totally loses it's authenticity when (for one), Miguel, (u Focker;), keeps taking all my comments before I could finish typing them! 😉 (and for two), Were not even live!! ,,yaaa that happened..gaaaawd, lol. yuup, I be dumbass.😜 Anywho! got me thinking, you ever thought about doing a webinar/ video conference type of show every now and again? You should try it, several people could be on at one time if u wanted., It's more personable and could get really interesting🙃🤗 , plus theres no typng invoved….which I'm totally all about that!!! 🤣

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