Cannabis Cultivation: Nocturnal Harvest with Swami Chaitanya / Green Flower

“So, why do we harvest in the dark? Picking a cannabis plant at its peak is a mystical experience.” Green Flower gets up early with iconic cannabis cultivator …


  1. This man has devoted his life to spirituality. He just lives differently that you and I. So his beliefs are different. To us it seems crazy but to him it makes sense.. also this man is one of the best growers in the world if not the best. So maybe he is right.

  2. Humidity is at its highest hour or so befor sunup. Get those fan leaves off like he says. Make sure you hang in well ventilated area first 24 hours or so. This guy grows some of the finest in the world. Give him a thumbs up. Maybe we will see him more often. Grow happy they can feel it.

  3. That's how we used to do it before wet trimming but if u big leaf it and let it dry for about 7 to 10 days in a cool dark environment around 55-60°f with 50%humidity the bud has a way better smell it brings out the terpenens alot more than doing the wet trim method.for sure.😜

  4. Hey Oldman, when you ask the plant if it's ready, please don't forget to also ask it how much it wants to be sold for and in what currency. On a more "serious" note, why not take all of the fan leaves off while the plant is still alive and standing upright? It can be done without too much of a hurry, so your trimming process will go much smoother. Also, use a humidity probe to measure how much water is left in your drying buds. Works better than judging the color of the bud's aura.

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