1. Hey guys, I understand Dan's opinion on FIRE about how it is a penny stock and his reasoning behind not investing in something which is not fundamentally traded. However, he never mentioned the highly probable oversold bounce on FIRE that will most likely take place on Monday. It closed right at the last major support level and RSI levels on most time frames are crushed. I'm personally expecting a 10% move on Monday.

  2. Got to say it Dan you nailed the CTST "break is imminent Friday Or Monday" in your Thursday Video. We had "multiple orgasim" of "breaks" with it lmao . Broke support below 2.04 then broke resistance 3 all in same day. Well done and thanks.

  3. Thanks Dan for the another great video! I started scaling in Labs at $4.30 with $5.12 average as of yesterday. Took some profits at $7.19 at closing yesterday, still holding 30% of my position into the consolidation or break of that HOY into ER on Monday-Tuesday. Getting better at charting, but still appreciate your videos as they bring some confirmation as well as give more clearity to whay I see on the charts myself. Nice to feel progress and you are a considerable part of it. Thanks again!

  4. Just a heads up, ACRGF is showing bullish divergence on the daily RSI, super beat up. Earnings are supposedly on the 13th. I entered a starter position and I’m hoping for a little flush down to buy more. At this point earnings would have to be absolute garbage for it to fall anymore in my opinion. Worth a look

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