1. Great website thank you so much I have a 9 lbs. 16-year-old anxious kitty she’s recently waking up in the night crying she’s fine she’s just old and a little disoriented I wanna use my CBD on her but I don’t know how much to give her it would be more fordable for me if I could figure out the dosage the one I use and give it to her could you help me do the math on that she’s 9 pounds and in good health she’s just anxious of a night time while I’m sleeping and it’s waking me up killing us both LOL she sleeps all day long

  2. Can someone help me. I suck at everything math. Mine is. 30ml bottle and it says THC 1.2mg/ml – CBD 25.7mg/ml. That’s all I know. I’m in Canada and I don’t like the pet cbd out here because most is hemp and carrier with low traces of cbd and apparently our wonderful government doesn’t want imported CBD. I have a 60lbs husky

  3. Omg this is simply A W E S O M E, I was afraid of giving CBD to my dog, but after this video I'm not afraid anymore, thank you a lot for this information! I'm also sharing the video, people need to know this!!

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