Bhang peddler schools police officers on weed use and benefits – The Wicked Edition episode 124

Dr. King’ori sits with comedian Mulamwah, South Mugirango member of parliament hon. Sylvanus Osoro for one of the most inspirational and hilarious episodes …


  1. Ignorant Kenyans will wait till the white man gives them the green light to grow weed and tax it. Too bad the economy is suffering and we are not thinking a way of improving it. This is a million dollar industry for the government for sure.

  2. bangi haina side effects bana Kama hizi yenye unasema mumukuwa poisoned kwa mind ….taking bang is not gettinh high but mediating ..
    stop seeing bang as a criminalized drug but look it as a medicinal drug gift given by God .. it treats cancer and Aids ..Idiot.

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