1. So many reviews I dunno which one to get.. I wanna get baked, I want convection and I need it portable as I can’t smoke in my house. Which one should I get? I want the biggest high because I’m used to smoking. Help

  2. Thought you was cool , until i seen how much you make off endorsements …… far from unbiased i.e. THE GHOST garbage and you say its awesome and had a contract with them lol. Turns out thats always the case and ive watched your reviews thinking they were worth my time. But nope fake marketing ploy. Could of least been honest…..SAD

  3. Hello everyone,

    So I’m new to the vaping industry but have been smoking regularly for years.

    I was wondering if someone could recommend me a good vaping device that isn’t crappy , that can hold a decent amount in the chamber, produces good flavour and easy to use.

    I’ve looked into the pax , firefly 2, divinci and vivant ambit

  4. I've owned the DeVinci Ascent for 4 years and it's still going strong. I'm considering their IQ for my next vape, but part of me wants to try a different brand. The Ascent is the only vape I've owned, so I'd hate to take a chance on something different and wind up not liking it. These things are not cheap! My main requirements for a vape are longevity/durability, stealth/portability, ease of use, good battery life (or replaceable battery), and easy to clean. I don't mind paying good $$ for a vape as long as it's a good overall design, lasts for many years, and just works well. I think the IQ would be a nice upgrade to the Ascent, but you're the expert…what do you think, Mr. Vape Critic?

  5. Hey guys! Been smoking for a few years but im new to this vaping thing. I'm considering buying the Fury 2 or the XMAX Starry. My budget for this is really low and I want something portable. Any advice on these two options?

  6. DON't buy Grasshopper from Hopper labs. This product is good looking but it's a PIECE OF CRAP.Mine has been in
    Colorado for repair for 9 of the last 24 months. Needed to be serviced
    three times in the first 6 months.Go to their Facebook page to see how
    frustrated are their customers.

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