1. could you maybe make a list for the people that cant just spend 1000 just on the light, i understand having the best light but some people don't have financial backing to support these purchases. the tent is 200+, fan 100+, filter 100+, all other accessories add up to 200+(hangers, seeding mat, dome, etc.), and then your 1000+ light(I'm assuming its in USD i might as well say 2000$ light) doesn't make any sense for me and most people starting out in this line of work.

  2. I’m screwed, on disability and money is hard to deal with…..I wanted to buy a light and tent, but it looks like I can only dream…my doctor told me to try pot, it already helped stop me using a lot of morphine, but it cost 200 a month to buy a once of the stuff…I’m at a loss as what to do…but thanks for the video, let’s hope I win the lottery…which I never play….oh boy…

  3. I really like the Electric Sky es300 2 pack…I will eventually get these lights when I start growing. Im just going to get one at first until I am able to afford the other one…I would probably actually use any of these on here if I could…except the Black Dog…wayy too pricey for only 1.52 umol/j

  4. Jesus the price of some of these do they think cannabis growers are made of money ?? I know you can make a good profit even from a hobby tent but dam these lights are insanely expensive ! Pretty sure the individual parts aren't this expensive and they have a huge mark up ! as the cannabis business brings in a lot of money . I always tell new folks to look at it as an investment even if you want most of the cannabis to yourself you can make your equipment costs/electricity back in your first grow selling only 3/4 oz .

  5. Why isn't KIND LED on here? I have used the L-600 in my 3'*3'*6' tent for 3 years. My buds were a higher quality and had better pain killing effects than anything from medical dispensaries. My tomatoes are plump and sweet and give me tons of energy(the local master gardeners group have told me it is impossible to grow tomatoes in pots, much less indoors… I didn't know I couldn't do that lol). My peppers are not only hot but sweet as well.

  6. a very BASIC question from a newbie ..
    If LED light has veg and bloom light, I know one uses veg for veg and bloom for flowering, but is there any stage of plant growth where you need to keep both veg and bloom ON ? .. or in which cases you have to keep veg as well as bloom switches ON ?

  7. Grower's Choice 1000W Double Ended CMH All in One Fixture with 4,200K Bulb, 120/240V This is the actual SPECTRUM KING! You can buy this and a mini split air conditioner for less then a 602.

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