Benefits Of carrom seeds #ajwain ( bishops weed) |Treat Constipation And Gastritis Naturally

Benefits of carrom weeds #ajwain ( bishops weed) l Treat Constipation and Gastritis Naturally In this video I shared about benefits of bishops weed also known …


  1. Hi sir thank you for helping us i have a question my husband digest system is not good every time when he take a food it not digest and his belly look like so hard so I see you're video but I can't understand how can I apply for my husband. Which method is good for him please if possible than answer my problem it's helping us thank you

  2. Hi sir,, I have poor digestion , my stomach use to bloot many times a day… So some one suggested me to have ajwain bolied in hot water and drink only Water …. Its all good… But please tell me If I drink ajwain water in empty stomach is recommend??

  3. Sir im having constipation problem but using jeera,carrom and fennel seeds in equal proportions mixing in hot water before going to bed…so pls advice as you said carrom powder mix in butter milk at 4pm.Which one is better option and works most?

  4. If you have clinic in Moscow then do you have Indian customers there? Why don’t you try to come to UK, London and open a clinic? We have large Indian, asian community here. People originate from India like me, would like to use Aaurvedic medicines.

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