This Channel Posts EVERY SUNDAY!✅ Autoflower seeds to harvest. The results are in! Going over a summary of this small 3 x 2 closet indoor grow using cree …


  1. NOT TOOOO SHABY! 222 Grams off of 200 watt cree led isn't to bad & there was room for lots of improvement.
    Whats your best yielding autoflower? what strain?Pot size?how many grams dried?
    Mine was a White Widow XXL from Dinafem – 191 grams finished dried. Yours?
    Last weeks video –

    UNIT FARM 200w Grow Bar – Coupon code: “CANUCK5” for 5% off + Free Shipping

    Boveda RH packs for Curing –

    Trim/Extract Dry Sift Screens (set) –

    Dry Rack for Harvest –

  2. How do I ensure that my device, whether it be a hydrometer, like u showed or an inkbird temp and humidity thermometer is actually correctly giving me the readings? I have served and non of them match up, sometimes 10 degrees off

  3. Wow very interesting how PH works for plants. I did not know any of that. I only knew about where liquid starts to become acidic and alkaline. thanks for the knowledge. I felt like I should have known this lol

  4. Do you ph any runoff I'm getting 7.1 on run off after ph 6.5 at watering and growing in organic soil coco mix and no fertilizer yet ,should I water with lower ph to see if it effects runoff ph or go with it plants are doing good but you said watering with 6.5 to 6.8 is best for nutes uptake?

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