1. I am growing my first plants ever. They are auto flower. And I have 100% germination so far. Putting them in pots tomorrow. I have questions about the low stress training you do.
    You bend it over "gently" towards 12 position. As that grows, do you continue to just keep bending it around as if it were a vine? Keeping it close to the edge or letting it wander? Do you have some video that shows this happening? Kinda like a time lapse of the process. If you do, could you link it please? Thank you. Love your videos! And I am subscribed.

  2. Hello Seed To Stoned, I've been watching and following your video's and Discord for about a year and a half now, and I've gained so much knowledge, I've spent so much money on equipment and things to try, and I just wanna say thanks, you've really helped me find something I'm good at and that makes me happy. Thanks. 🙂

  3. Autos do not need parents or suggestions but this nuclear unit is oppositional though you need to help and isolate them they are designed to be grown one at a time in a guerilla grow… i am doing regulars i have 2 parents while I am starting the seedlings, then im gonna pull one auto at the end of the season

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