1. The strategy is abundantly clear in legal cannabis. First they pumped and dumped the investment community. Second step is to have the consumer bail out the oceans of red ink. Not realistic with a Black market retail price point of $5 a gram,

  2. Gilbert have you done a video on harvest health, Ianthus or liberty health science? Those are 3 I'm very interested in. I am also interested in medmen. I picked up a little at 1.01(medmen). Hoping for a dead cat bounce. Looks like it may work but I'll have to sell before earnings after hours today. I am betting it'll run up a little today in anticipation for earnings.

  3. ACB at 3.60 USD is a Christmas gift. I'm an atheist but i celebrate the holiday. Just not in the religious sense. It's more of a holiday to celebrate family for me. It's a good reason to buy my children gifts and cook good food lol. And have a paid vacation

  4. What are your thoughts on TGODS uplisting application? Will it be rejected by the big board? Also if news breaks that no uplisting willmoccure do you think we will see further decline? Or is it pretty much priced in?

  5. I would love to see some M&A activity between some of the small to mid cap cannabis players, I have Hexo, and TGOD, and ACB, and Supreme, and MedMen, and Medicine Man,
    Canopy Rivers, Auxly, Ellixinol, Zenabis, BevCanna, and Dixie Brands, WATER, and Leafbuyer, all just small positions but I feel like those Established Companies with licencing,
    and Distribution set up should maintain an edge over new comers, as long as their fiances can weather the regulation storm, and provide product for less than black market prices.
    Hexo is set to unload a lot of flower at below black market prices, the sector may have to take more of a hit to gain full acceptance on the price side. Consolidation, and streamlining,
    of the process, and Online Sales and Delivery, at a sustainable price, will turn this around. Such a consumable product, with multiple market exposure cannot lose.

  6. If this is a sale, what are you going to call it after Hexo,CGC and ACB earnings it’s going to be at least another 20% off. Factor in them diluting shares further because debt deadline is coming up early next year this stock an easily take another 40% haircut.

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