Attend the 2020 Organic Regenerative Cannabis Cultivation Conference!

This winter, the Science of Organic Regenerative Cannabis Cultivation Conference will tour from the west coast to the east coast. This educational gathering of …


  1. But once again they're not coming to Colorado where there's a lot of living organic Growers that want to hear the information, and it seems like for some reason the West Coast overlooks Colorado and their information on Organics. So it'd be nice and thoughtful to start considering Colorado as part of the conversation and bringing the conference to Colorado as well as the rest of the country

  2. Why isn't there more talks on all the high value THC crops bring seeded because of the hemp farmers letting there Woody variety open pollen Chuck and it's seriously a deathblow to small farmers . There crops are seeded dnd 3quarters worthless for their markets. IDK just seems like it's not being addressed . I have friends that are seriously in s world of hurt and mite not keep there doors open now . Forced to seek outside funding or close , hum complete accident? I'm not so sure.

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