Arkansas Growing: The Journey from Legalization to Cultivation

First aired March 29, 2019. A little more than two years ago, Arkansas voters approved an amendment to the state constitution legalizing the use of medical …


  1. First of all cannabis does not cause any type of car accidents this has been proven by #norml and more information can be found out there website. There is more stigma then truth there is no science that proves that it lowers blood pressure or that it is the cause of Dementia like depression anxiety or any type of psychosis it has been found to help these disorders more then be a harm. These that would tell you that they have science to prove it is the cause of DUI related information only base there facts because there was cannabis in the system they have no proof of when or how the cannabis was used only that it is there and so it is the cause witch is a wrong analogy. If you smoke cannabis a week before you had the accident and it is still in the system at that time because it says in the system more than 30 days How then can one prove it was the cause? They can't it is based on their own bios of the plant and it's uses these stigmas and the greater cause of harm then the plant it self I use the plant personally for well over 35 years. I do not have a lack of intelligence brain damage or any type of issues in learning because i used the plant at such a young age. What we have is more paranoia of people who do not use the plant then those who understand it's DNA and what THC and CBD can do to help personally I use it for pains atherdic and back pains as well as server anxiety and severe insomnia. One must understand a medical value in its plant's DNA as it has not found to be more addictive then coffee sugar TEA or SODA yet they do want to paint a cause of harm on this plant as being so dangerous when there has not been one death not one in 70 years of its use. No one has ever died from the use there never has been a overdose of cannabis alone and if grown organically without harmful pesticides it is found to be much more better for you then even a aspirin. These that have monetary interest such as counselors and police and drug physiatrist and rehabs Doctors and nurses who only truly care about the amount of money they can charge for you to see them not truly your needs of this plant where they charge $250.00 a visit and $150.00 each additional visit they police use Cannabis as a crutch where they use low level possession as a means to fine you give you a criminal record and make it hard for you as a felon to receive government help school loans and even job placement. They use the asset forfeiture laws to take away your car or house for cannabis less than 1 oz where it is now legal up to 2 and a half ozs in the state with a medical card.
    They also do not want people to be able to grow there own at home when it is legal in other states to do so a clear violation of our constitutional rights where it says and i quote " You should be treated equally under the laws of the united states" This is why you have over regulation in the state of Arkansas they only care about the money not the ones that can not afford such prices as $20 a gram of cannabis even for medical use. This is why we as Arkansansas are fighting for a full legalization rights to end the Good old boy network that clearly is governed by legislators who only see profits not people and the ones that truly make under 10K a year where you have to be in a list where you can be further discriminated and your constitutional rights violated due to these that only want to keep it in the medical realm when Arkansas would benefit more opening it fully to a fully legal platform. These that use judges and misuse of courts and law to only benefit there own pocket or police budget by use of fines that are unlawful where you would not be discriminated against as a medical user they tell you but this is not true if you are a gun owner and your name is on the list they make it where you can not buy a gun even if you are lawful in the state of Arkansas they can fine you or put you in jail for low level possession and they can use asset forfeiture laws to take away your belongings and also give you a criminal record when they should be expunging records and stop this WAR on DRUGS that they clearly have failed because of prohibition of a plant that is less harmful and addictive as coffee sugar or tea yet these have effects but yet they do nothing about opiates and over subscribing of pills like candy there is still no stop from doctors to give out these opiates like m&M's I ask you not to take my word for it but do your own research and look at the true studies that have been done not the ones that only look for harms because these are bios and more opinionated then factual based on the fears of a person not true science and factual information. In closing you can not take some rant about how much of a danger this plant is or these with a PHD who are none cannabis users or MD for that fact as face value doctors only trust doctors and the rest is only out to keep there business and make money off the backs of cannabis users when you should be facing real problems real drug issues like the opiates and heroin and cocaine meth and other drugs that are not going to go away by arresting or fines to someone it is a health issue not one of crime. As i close you should allow Arkansas to become fully legal to keep it out of hands of children by making it for adult use only you should allow people to have if your 21 and older to grow 6-12 plants at home your not allowed to sell these plants or products with out a licences and there should be heavy penalties if you are caught doing so. You should be able to hold 2 and a half ozs on you in public and up to one pound at home locked away in a fafe and your grow area should be somewhere that a child can not access it any dried product should be stored in a locked safe box with a lock and key….I still agree you should not smoke cannabis and drive We fully agree but how can you tell when they have smoked the cannabis or if there truly under the influence I expect a lot of legal challenges in courts for those who that can not prove without a doubt that it was the true cause. Cannabis does not cause medical issues never has but as with any thing you take you should not mix it with other pills and alcohol. I will see you at the voting booth in 2020 as we bring money to the state by full legalization that can be used for education infrastructure and keeping the Natural state Beautiful and the money can go to help programs that are a benefit not the police who would only abuse it and its users.

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