1. April had a bad cancer and was dying anyway. Her cancer was very bad and she would have still died from chemo. She looked on the interview. I went natural as well and still her 6 yrs later and feeling better than I ever did. There are thousand who lived over your short few who died.

  2. Chris is alive today because he took his life in his own hands, survived and is the real deal. You attack then dismiss any comments from folks who watch your one-sided story. You forget to mention cancer survivors like James Templeton a 30 year stage 4 Melanoma survivor, Paula Black who survived cancer since 1997, to name just a few. You say you didnt really want to make 'another video' but you did. You're right in saying that some viewers will only watch a few minutes of your one sided video because obviously, if they are here, they're searching for help with their cancer or are family members or associates who are looking for help. If you are so thin skinned you cant handle criticism, do what Chris does – move forward, and make a difference. Chris never says everyone will survive, he uses his own experience to show you can survive cancer without following that well worn path that so many cancer patients have had to follow – most to their detriment and not to their good health. Chris is a hero and has given hope when the medical profession could not. I thank God for treasures like Chris. You are destroyer of hope. For all your waffle about chris and Paula, you send people who believe you, back to a black hole that they have to live, NOT YOU. Get over yourself. Help rather than hinder. Heaven forbid anyone you love has to listen to what comes out of your mouth.

  3. Your not up to scratch on contract law or the difference between legal and lawful. I documented removing a caner from my nose using cannabis oil and sent it to the irish minister of health, who doesnt stand under his oath to serve god. I eliminated terminal cancer, never stopped smoking. Ate all sorts of crap, went to bed late, am a single dad and my 9 year old is autistic. Blood tests cam back clean after 9 years but I hadnt had another test for three years so I dont know when it went. All documented. I did no treatment but came up my own plan. I called it the I dont give a shit plan. People have ask themselves where their energy/ focus of stuff is at. The terminal cancer was follicular lymphoma. There is no such thing as terminal cancer, just incompetence masquerading as competence. A doctor serves a contract obligation to the licencing board. He does not serve your interests. Like a lawyer swrves the court, not you. The court is really a bank, and you are all slaves. The police are a private company just like mcdonlds, bit they swear an oath to protect you and then deny their creation of god and sign contracts with corporations.

    Let shit go and be friendly. Friendly is healing. Imagine the change. Learn breathing techniques. Stop thinking about you. Nearly half cancer deaths come from malnutriyion, you stop eating. Cannabis is great for that.

    And lastly, dont be afraid. One day you will die

  4. When someone has done both chemo and radiation and doctors look at them and tell them they're going to die in 3 months what do you expect them to do. it's obvious that modern medicine isn't any help. i remember having an infection and had to antibiotics for 15 days on the day the pills finished the pain came right back. it was a good thing i had read up on some natural remedies and used garlic. In 2 days the pain left. Not everything a doctor says you believe as if its gospel that goes for those who tell you about natural treatment as well. You have to decide and see what's working with your body.

  5. Although this is unlisted on YT. Chris still has it linked from his website so maybe YT made him unlist it. He says on the video notes "Two years after healing stage 4 breast cancer, April was diagnosed with liver cancer. She passed away on Tuesday February 12th 2019. I will amend this post when I have more information." So he's not exactly hiding it there

  6. Bottom line, it was her choice in the way she chose to treat her cancer. If she had a better quality of life by choosing to fight it naturally, I say good for her! I've seen the horrors of people doing things the doctors way. And it's not a bed of roses! It's horrible for the whole family to watch. And the patient is left with no hope from the medical community. They stand by and watch this person die a slow and painful death. Doctors don't know everything.

  7. So April died, and I did watch the interview video Chris had with her. Yes, not everyone, even those that don't do conventional therapy survive cancer. (around 90% survival rate for natural therapies). BUT, how many more die in the hands of conventional medicine?? (survival rate is less than 90% for sure). You just have to look at the numbers/statistics… but even more, you have to follow your own path and what you think is right for you. Chris interviews people who have had remission but many of them, he doesn't even work with and doesn't claim to agree with their therapies…. he says to "concentrate on the common threads". If I had cancer, I would review the entire interview and all that April says and try to discover what she is missing – why didn't it work for her? Was it not trusting the doctors or knowing the names of every bone that was infected?? Or was it something completely different??

  8. I’ve just discovered Chris’ channel. I’m currently trying to heal myself from Grave’s Disease (or at least put myself into remission). Although I definitely intend to change my diet and follow many of his recipes, your video has opened my eyes. I will not completely turn my nose up to modern medicine. I will use logical, rational, and scientifically based decisions when it comes to my health. Thank you for your video.

  9. This is a propaganda video, Cannabis has and does treat many medical conditions including cancer, I've seen it work several times, "Addicted To Ignorance" is exactly what you people who buy this shit are. Dude, you're a terrible propaganda artist, give it a rest. Google "Cannabis and Apoptosis" and get informed, you're lost

  10. I KNOW people who have taken cannabis oil for their cancer.. they changed their diet and detoxed their system..  years later they are cured.. some in remission..  NO chemo.. so don't throw  everyone in one slot..
     you don't know the medical records.. so you are just guessing..

  11. Another spin. Someone's paying you to spin. She was going to die anyway, she lived much longer and much more free of pain. Her surgery was for the accident, NOT the cancer. She was walking BEFORE radiaton which made her lose bladder control. But w/e. Basically you pick your 'poison'.

  12. This video is ridiculous. First…. do you really have nothing better to do than pick out a couple of unfortunate cancer patients who passed away? And secondly, most importantly have you looked at the success rate of conventional cancer treatment in the last 50 years? It’s laughable. How many cancer patients are put through grueling conventional treatments with horrific side effects only to later die?? It’s a scandal and you should be ashamed of yourself.

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