Agriculture Secretary on farm bill's hemp legalization: Hemp would be good for agriculture and US…

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue on the farm bill, the potential legalization of hemp on a federal level for commercial use, trade tensions with China, food …


  1. If I hear the words "sustainability" and SAFETY NET one more time….I think I'll throw UP! Listen, Mr. Farmer…don't grow HEMP…nobody can EAT IT. Somebody needs to grow some healthy, non-GMO fruits and vegetables in this country or we are going to have a FAMINE!!!

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  3. The Farm Bill that just passed has opened up many possibilities by legalizing Hemp. This could be good news for bamboo because of the industrial need for biomass.

    As farmers figure out how to convert to grow hemp, the problem of processing the biomass has created a demand for industrial processors of this very fibrous plant.

    My question is: Will these new USA biomass processors be able to accommodate bamboo as a substitute for the harmful deforestation that has an unconfirmed effect on Climate Change?

  4. right yeah a farm bill bailout! Tell it like it is factually. He f* f u c k e d f*** f*** over the farmers with his tariffs so now he has to come up with something to calm America's Heartland down. That's a fact! Check it out?. So quit spinning it. He's screwed over America he's a traitor to his country and Russia got him elected and you fools fell for it. Up yours!

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