ACT legalises marijuana for personal use

ACT Labor politician Michael Pettersson says he doesn’t believe there will be tension between territory and Commonwealth laws, after the Barr government …


  1. The changes of Australian law towards the legalisation of Cannabis (less restrictions in Canberra) were the biggest catastrophe in Australian politics of 2020, possibly the previous three terms of the Liberal party's office. How Australia can gain back the massive loss of credibility lost by the Morrison governments decision to legalise Marijuana for Canberra residents residential use remains a mystery. Australians were not consulted prior to Prime Minister Scott Morrison announcing the change to Marijuana legislation and still are not given any say whether we (the Australian voting public) agree or disagree with legalised Marijuana. Perhaps the Prime Minister forgot to mention (ask) that to the Australian public? Maybe just another consequence of living a Canberra lifestyle….?

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  4. Alcohol damages every part of the body, pain killers, Xanax and Fentanyl FFS! are legal and handed out with barley any legitimate reasons half the time, weed has never killed a single person and this boomer is comparing it to ICE..

  5. What a stupid and awkward interview, can they at least offer some actual facts about the benefits and negative effects of this. My personal opinion is that they at least legalise the sale of CBD strains. It doesn't have the psychoactive effects and offers benefits to many illnesses.

  6. Hmmm, 250,000 people live in Canberra. Australia has 24 million people. Divide blah blah and one 96th of Australia can smoke dope legally at will inside their own home. The rest of us just do it and try to live with the fact that the government hates us and will ruin our lives if they catch us with it. It's just a hazard you face, like getting electrocuted if you're an electrician. The American experience is that it didn't make the slightest dent in the black market. The rules are so thick an ounce of Blueberry sells for $550 over there in a dispensary. That's about $800 here. Legalising the shit here won't make the slightest difference to anyone, especially anyone with a record for it. NO doctor in this country has written a script that got filled – cannabis is illegal here. You cannot prescribe an illegal drug and expect the script to be filled. By who? It's illegal to sell it. This is bullshit from start to finish.

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