8 Best & Top cannabis strains for chronic pain 2019 ~Marijuana Experts~

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  1. Thank you so much for the positive information on this topic of pain reduction by use of cannabis.
    Due to the fact that N.Carolina is most likely the very last state to decriminalize and legalize marijuana possession. I have been dealing with a great deal of horrible pain issues. Me lower back(L2…L3…L5 and 1possibly2 deteriorating bones on spine. Plus a carpet of arthritis covering my spine (really…looks like a mossy carpet) Severe nerve damage lower back across hip and down to me toes on right side. Arthritis in almost every joint of me skeleton. No medical insurance to help me get medical treatment. Yes I do self medicate so I can drag my ass outta bed to go to work. Pain meds I bought off the street for like 4yrs. Costing me 100….120dollas a day. Just so I was able to go to work…. walking on roofs and climbing Ladders 6 n sumtimes 7dsys a week. By the grace of God I kicked doing opiates. Alcohol is a great pain eraser…. But I don't like me when I'm drinking a fifth of whiskey ery day. I eat 12 200mg ibuprofen every day to reduce inflammation across me affected areas.
    But if the barometer is below 30.00 mb. Or a rain event gets within 100miles of me. It's damn near crippling for me. Most every morning I wake up and I must roll off me bed n wobble to kitchen and bathroom. Start me Java take me ibuprofen n pray I don't decide to give up on life and put a end to feeling even 1more second of pain.
    Honest guys….it takes a minimum of hr n half from alarm sounding to me getting in me Jeep to leave for work.
    But, I can't be a puss da rest of my life.
    I can't drive more than 10minutes b4 I'm numb from my hips to me toes. The thang I hate the most……it's so damn exhausting to hurt that bad, every damn day. I find myself not breathing bcuz I feel less pain when I don't breathe. And having to do a bowel movement is very hard on me. Toilet seat pinches nerves n me legs n feet go numb almost immediately.
    If I rush it and push…
    Well…it puts tears running out me eyes with the quickness.
    Dang…gotta get up.
    My feet gots the pins n needles from sitting here writing this.
    Sorry….got long winded. Yeah I do need sum medical grade cannabis. But I can't afford to travel outta state to get any. My luck I'd get pulled over n searched n go to prison. Can't do that. Not ever. Thanks for letting me vent.😎

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