1. Hi my husband and I have been growing outside in a Detroit Suburb for 10 years. Our plants are never beautiful and the bugs are as gorgeous as the ones you can buy. but what we grow always does the trick. We get our plants from someone that grows medical for a living. This year we have cherry Tahoe, wedding cake, Clementine, sunshine number four. I know we’re doing OK but we would really like to learn some better techniques is there anybody out there that teaches classes?

  2. take a cutting early bring them inside once rooted transition into flower. if you do this early enough you can have the clones flowered before the ones outside are even starting flower. gives you a better idea of what you are gonna get in the end.

  3. He only had roughly a month left, maybe 6 weeks because of their size before it gets too cold and they really haven't started budding yet. Also they are too huge to move indoors. It would've been beneficial to make a greenhouse that's big enough for 8-12 huge plants…

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