7 Pot Wes – 2019 pepper reviews

This is a pepper pod review/taste test of the 7-Pot Wes. In this video, I share the history behind this pepper and thoughts on flavor and heat, also show a couple …


  1. You handled that better than I ever could. Lol. Ive got some yellow habanero plants and a red ghost. They are beautiful plants. I believe I've added a new hobby for myself. I love gardening anyways. Are the seven pot wes hotter than the ghost pepper? Great video enjoyed it

  2. Wow, Peter, that pepper must be extremely hot if just a small piece had that effect on you. I will have to try growing it for sure. The plants look great! I hate stomach cramps and have managed to avoid them this season so far. But I do have a tasting episode coming up, so all bets are off! As always, great job!

  3. Those 7 POT Wes plants are beautiful and so healthy… Looked like the one you chose had the start of another pepper growing inside…? Looks like it is one of the better tasting 7 Pot peppers. Thanks for the review. I think that just went on the 2020 list..

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