1. It's from your soil . You must of got moldy soil somewhere . I've got 3 bags of super soil this year that I threw in the woods cause it was moldy when I opened the bag . The soil came in plastic bags must of been stored in a hot place or maybe even under the sun I don't know. But nothing u can do besides inspect your soil a little more before u use it or purchase it depending on where u got it or if u made it . Shit like that happens it ain't your fault though it probably wasnt even visable yet before u packed your pot . I imagine most growers have ran into same thing. I know the stores don't take very good care of soil it needs kept in dry dark cool well ventilated area which stores hardly do as soon as moisture get in a bag it makes mold then it spreads like wildfire . Sucks but its just shitty luck man

  2. Sooty mold, it will grow all over the plant, will look like it was set on fire! We fight it with crop oil and or dawn dish soap and spray them… it spreads like wildfire and lives in the ground,gets worse each year… other plants are rocking dude!

  3. Hit the nail of the head Michigangrownbudz. Definitely a pythium infestation. Tell tale signs are green algae growth on the bottoms of the smartpots(too much moisture causes algae growth) and yellowing leaves starting from the base of your plants working up to the top. We water our 100gals every other day in Norcals 100° summer days with strawalfalfa mulch and every 2 days when its in the 80's to 90's. Use 1/4 cup 3%h2o2 per gallon of water and use that solution every other watering for 3 waterings. Let them dry until you can feel the bottom inside of the pots are just about dry, then apply castings tea or nutes and mykos as normal.

  4. This look just like the fucking mushroom that killed 12 of my babies last year , that sucks bro… spray some kangen water on it next time , start with a 2.5 ph water then use some 11.5ph a couple days after, fo this back and forth for about 2 weeks and you should be good ( you can use it even during flowering period, it’s just water). At least the rest of your ladies are looking amazing ✌️

  5. Make sure your drip system is coming on sometime around 4:30 in the morning Let It Go for 3 hours show about 7:30 in the morning to not water when that pipe gets hot you will bake whatever plant is first you'll bake it maybe that's what you did to that

  6. Mold is Airborne it would take over every one of your plants you can't smoke the bud if it has that mold in it usually when you get more destruction of leaves removed leaves you should be okay looks like you've done that and you're still not okay so so the plant get rid of it that's the end of it don't keep your clothes cuz you got the got the shit there anyway so good luck give that plant some water if you're going to keep it

  7. When you get sat on your clit the best thing to do is take the whole plant out and burn it and the saw that they're better than it you guys having a soil that comes out of the soil so you want to burn it and kill it it's it's a canker sores what it is get rid of the soil put in the bonfire burn it and then you can reuse soil later Burnet get rid of that disease will take over your whole garden

  8. Damn man…that poor stalk looks like the tree from Sleepy Hollow.
    The rest are amazing.
    Up in Ontario, exercising my legal right to grow 4 plants. (Finally)
    The problem with my plants is that I was fkn lazy and waited until june 15 to put germinated seeds in soil.
    Seeing your beasts reminds me of what my plants can be if I get off my ass and get em in the ground 3 weeks sooner next year. My Girl Scouts are healthy but small. It's the middle of July and finally the little round leaves are falling off. Got a bucket full of rainwater and chopped up yarrow brewing under my deck for fertilizer tea. You mentioned tea in this vid…any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated. First time growing and I'm winging it here.

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