Today i share with you why I will not buy any weed stocks. So many people lately have asked me to do a video on weed stocks/ Marijuana stocks but I don’t even …


  1. Wow, your insight was spot on! Going into 2020 they are at their low point, becoming almost penny stocks. I'm jumping in$$ hoping for a 2021 legalization for America. It is hard not to buy when the market is panic driven.

  2. 1. If you know the industry, you know where to put your money. I think allot of investors miss big money (more risky though) because they don’t know the industry they’re looking at.

    2. True, no problem with number 2, but if you look at a company like buzzfeed, if you invested low, and after their valuation outpaced their grown and potential, you could have sold and made big money.

    3-4 good points, but they’re from the perspective of a low risk investor, think of bitcoin investors in the early days, or apple, big risk of loss but low initial investment and it payed off big time.

  3. The industry will end up like Holland only ten percent of sales will be legal 90 Percent black market no company has earned a billion in profit from weed in Holland in over 40 years of legalization 😂 it's not the market ppl think it is

  4. Once legal, costs at retail will suffer. Think about Competition like even medical grade at Walgreens. Chain stores. What infrastructure exists now in big form will be needed. The rest will be specialty operators.

  5. Jeremy theres one company that not only positioned itself in a way they'll be a top major grower/producer, but they also have distribution set up (they've existed publicly for 30 yrs) and they've reported a profit as opposed to losses in revenue. That company is VFF. Check em out and see if maybe they'll fall into a spec stock you'd consider in this segment.

  6. I' in at ;50 and i think your right. Ive been researchjng for minths. I thought at first i missed the boat, but no, cannibus industry is still too young. Some of the sticks, though are really expensive.

    Befure, i looked at perfirmance of s company by price per share, but seems people are still recommendjng the expensive ones. Their are no articlsvabout the cheap pot stocks. Ive been researching pot investments for months, and seems like ive practically only scrathed the surface. Thank gid pot stobks are still in its infancy.

    Why are people recimmending stocks that are expensive, instead of cheap ones?

  7. Once upon a time, I bought 1000 shares of Amazon @ $9 a share and I sold them @ $12 for a small profit and I thought I did good and I was smart at the time because I didn’t believe in the value of the .COM 😭. Here I’m still seeking for the next early Amazon and I believe the opportunity is here and it’s hiding some where in the weed. True 🙏.

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