1. NY, where I live, was to have legal MJ but it got stuck. My sister, and nephews, live in Massachusetts I talked to them not long after MJ was legalized. They told me every town has the option of putting a store there but not one had! I believe the county would need to give the license So it is legal but still hung up in politics. Forget about taxing it that violates my, and everybody's right to privacy!πŸ‘πŸ‘ΏπŸ˜Ž

  2. I liked this video. My opinion on synthetic cannabis is a thumbs down and I do not think it is addictive any more than a longing for sweet potato fries if that's your desire. Everything else was good information about which strain works best for particular health challenges. Doctors should be educated and up to date on cannabis for medical purposes because it is a lot more beneficial than a lot of those pharmaceutical drugs and SAFER IF IN ITS NATURAL FULL SPECTRUM FORM not torn apart and compounded with other chemicals. People have been using this medicine for thousands of years and there is a lot of pleasant social use as well. Win-win plant with respectful use and personal responsibility for knowing not to drive when impaired.

  3. SO, many of the things discussed in this video is using cannabis to treat SYMPTOMS, NOT CAUSES OF A PROBLEM. Just like the Big Pharma solutions. It SHOULD make MORE sense to find the CAUSE of the Pain and try to FIX THAT rather than treat a SYMPTOM.

  4. I'm 61, got stroked by a car at 35 miles an hour. Suffered multiple injuries. Broken spine, fracture skull, sternum, both front and back ribs, clavicle, broken hip, femur, and ankle. AND cannabis works. Unlike the pharmaceuticals. Thank you very much. Get to sleep, eat, and most of ALL. "NO PAIN" I can actually run.

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