2019: the year of moon missions, marijuana and mega-hub airports | The Economist

From groundbreaking moon missions to growth in the legal-cannabis market, 2019 will be year of new highs. Here’s what to watch out for in the year ahead.


  1. We aint ready for more conflitct the biggest program is mine and it was based on a game… so just finance that and since we cant go out on a full war atleast with that program we will be able to take down isolated targets easier and no one will know who was it alright??

  2. I’m wishing for a Happy New Year: World Peace, International cooperation, Medical and Tech Advances, Unity and Prosperity, and overall net progress.

    But in reality, it’s going to be the same rehash of this crummy year with a few tweaks of sorrow and tradegy here and there then amplified into a whole new clusterf*ck.

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