1. I find that I usually get a better bud if I jar while they still got some moisture left then burp the jars daily untill they get to the dry I like. The. I just put them away and leave them alone. Usually works great for me. Good luck

  2. I prefer trimming by hand too. That is the best way. But trimming by hand includes using scissors! That's killer looking bud bro but you are abusing the hell out of that bud bro! Stop man handling those nugs and start trimming them. Just friendly advice from one grower to another. Peace and stay STONED

  3. Aye Mosbbberg looking like fire bro! Dude prolly aint got no scissors left they all gummy..lol Yo man im gonna mail you man would love to check them out man! Wanna get sum of that bomb west coast out here on the east coast man! Have a great day and abetter tomorrow bro! Catch yall growmies on that flipside man! Peace! Richy Rich out!!

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