1. This brother should be defended and protected at all times we can't afford to lose another gem in the black society especially not now that these devils are soo active and desperate. Let's continue to send more positive energy towards this brother and curse all his enemies

  2. There is still no way that any crime organization in which he speaks of will allow him to play the game they have set up for him to get any advantage and deny their advantage over us have not been thought through, to attempt to do so still only means we have not overstood the nature of their true motives as to why they have set up the game field the way they have and any agreement with trying to outwit them in their own game criminal structures only means that the tactics in which he speaks of cannot be put into play… We must separate ourselves completely before any justification of our own interests can be accomplished Real Talk, However, I still love hearing his passions, it is much needed. Magi Poet

  3. Many of the so called leaders / politicians in African countries are also what you referred to as "ambulance chasers". Their lustful greed for money & wealth keeps them in a perpetual state of power drunkenness rendering them completely useless for whom they "represent". I spent months in Ghana West Africa last year. You know what I saw (in addition to all the wonderful beautiful things) I saw greedy politicians living lavishly caring only for their families and a few side chicks too!! Completely ignoring and blatantly neglecting their fellow countrymen. When are we, the entire African diaspora finally going to learn not to chase and certainly not to eat the forbiden carrot constantly being dangled by the West in front of our faces?!?!?! #doforself #blackinfrastructure #blackleadership #excellentblackleadership #noBlackAgendanoblackvote #tangibles2020

  4. Fellow brothers and sisters , I am a proud African, and I am proud to listen to this man speak , but please people help me I need this man to come to South Africa, I need to meet him and speak to him about my home ground of Eastern Cape South Africa, I have inboxed his Facebook and been unsuccessful at it, anybody that knows how to contact him , please let me know…my email address is [email protected]gmail.com.

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