💥2019 Top 10💥 Marijuana 🌱 Strongest & Best Strains with THC levels💪

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  1. I guess it all just depends where you live me I would’ve had wedding cake kush mints , Motorbreath , gushers strains like that that are Hi In THCand all around superb strains..The ones you guys said are old school classics ya know but good vid

  2. We got 40% flower here in Colorado just best breeders in the world, list is very much controversial. Bless
    Your list mostly consists of all sativa but one has to love Chem dog & I happen to know Mr Jones myself personally. Happy 2020 everyone, LEGALIZE

  3. #2
    Bullshit. I got my License recently, and I've got some stuff called GMO (garlic minced onion) an Indica dominant hybrid and not only is it STANK AS HELL AND WILL GIVE YOU MORNING BREATH AT 10 AT NIGHT but it's also 34% THC. good shit man.

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