1. Excellent comprehensive review. Still disappointed that you said you had to refill the line 3 times during one job—seems absolutely excessive for the size yard you showed – the string should last for the whole job. Nice job on the review. Thank you.

  2. Mine broke in 15 min. With the hedge trimmer attachment. The ryobi warranty is great, as long as you don't mind waiting 6-8 weeks for repair by their service locations, the end of the "main shaft" is made of that soft mixed metal, it shattered on mine……good luck & thanks but no thanks ryobi……..

  3. I bought this weedeater tried it for about a week did not like the performance of this machine at all. I returned it and put the extra money out and bought the dewalt 60v weedeater and they are a light and day difference really glad I decided to return the Ryobi. Thanks for the video will be watching and have great day

  4. I have a Ryobi battery operated lawn mower. Best thing ever, no fuel and no oils needed also they are a lot quieter than regular mowers. I really want this grass trimmer….thanks for postings and greetings from Australia.

  5. This is really just a trimmer, not an edger. Ryobi makes edger attachments for their powerheads, but the way the blade is enclosed makes it difficult to edge in my opinion (the blade is not open but enclosed in a cover that makes it difficult to push through tough grass).

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