Tucker takes on supporter of legalized marijuana

Canada becomes the second nation in the world to fully legalize the sale and recreational consumption of marijuana; should Americans take notice? Mason …


  1. I like how people didn't fall for tuckers tactic of cutting people off while they are making a good point that if you listen hard enough thru his babbling you can hear he owned you. How about make the volumes the same on both speakers too

  2. Tucker is right. Weed is expensive. Corporations would love it. Yes, Smoke occasionally. Smoke to relax. Smoke for medicine. But don't be high all the time. This is what he's saying. We should be able to go to a bar to smoke. It will create jobs. It will bring in revenue. It will create a safe space to consume. There's honestly an argument on both sides.

  3. If at this point in history you still believe the reefer madness nonsense, and don’t believe in legalization…You just don’t believe in liberty, period. You are childish, and to continue to deny all the reasons for legalization is akin to a child stomping their feet and plugging their ears yelling lalalala can’t hear you.

    There is no argument to be made from a moral, or rational perspective that one can make where telling an adult that they cannot consume cannabis makes any sense.

    I’m constantly amazed at adults In America who love talking about the land of the free…Until someone decides to exercise those freedoms by consuming cannabis.

    Stop the hypocrisy. Act like you value freedom and liberty. Legalize and decriminalize immediately.

  4. I am posting this on the 24th of September 2020. There is no city in the United States that uses more cannabis then Portland Oregon. They been rioting now for over 80 concurrent days. It is for this stupidity I stopped watching and believing anything in the news.

  5. Really? This is the video that gets tons of dislikes? I agree with Tucker on one thing. Despite some positives, excessive usage of weed makes people demotivated, increases depression, increases complacency and generally deadens them. Maybe criminalizing it isn't the right choice, but it should at least be treated like alcohol, as a harmful substance if used irresponsibly. But this is hardly the most pressing issue of our time, or even the time back then when the video first uploaded.

  6. Yeah it's not enforced against white people that's why Tucker dosen't understand what he's saying. All you have to do is look up the stats. "It destroys people lives I've seen it," what product was he talking about again? What I got from it is that he was talking about weed. If I heard him right how can you ignore the fact that alcohol not only destroys lives, it's on a much greater scale.

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