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  2. Dude why the fuck due u have a Male plant laying on ground u are suppose to immediately bag and tape and get that shit out your garden asap.by leaving that Male on ground your whole fucking garden is contaminated..I wouldn't touch the fn garden..I'm in lake county ca next to humbolt I'm not a bagger but I'm the best I know…lol my plants as of July 25 are 6.5 ft tall about 4.5 wide thyre are on pace to be 5.0 to 7.0 per unitary using sum verti..feed with cheap as b1 and start taking all those sucker leaves….your cutting your sun supply by 10 that's alot

  3. Hey hey, nice trees man!! First time grower from Canada, subscribed…..can u maybe just give me a heads up about which vids of yours Io watch for that frequency?…ill start watchin' randoms & smokin' lol…happy growing!!

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