NM marijuana legalization effort unlikely to pass in 2019 session

A bill aiming to legalize and regulate marijuana in New Mexico had a lot of momentum, but doesn’t appear to be on its way to becoming law this session.


  1. A 12 pack of beer at stander toxicity of 8.0 vs 2 ounces of high grade sounds like a fair comparison both are things illegal to drive under and both are a night of heavy party and yet beer would still be counted all around more harmful and more likely to get in trouble with the police

  2. And if they keep us all stoned… We won't care about all of their DemoKKKrat Corruption! Our senators are pure Liars about the southern border and GriSHAM broke her Oath to the NM Constitution before her second month was up! Why would any New Mexican vote for a DemoKKKrat..Unless you are part of them or benefitting from their Corruption? That's my question.

  3. Anyone working against this is a crook lier and a phony the people want marijuana and that is what this good civilization will deliver see in the state of New Mexico we like our people to be free and to forever remain control of their own freewill

  4. This is so dumb. NM is a poor state. Legalizing MJ will make lots of money for the state, and they need to get ahead of the wave that will inevitably bring legalized MJ to every state in this country in order to attract business here while it's not available in the vast majority. Stupid.

  5. That bill takes more tights then brings it takes away personal production too. I use it for pain and I work construction so no bud no job who's going to pay my rent? Me crippled.. No thanks I hope that bill doesn't pass if you can't work or drive and you use it for med purposes I should be able to prove I do better on it and still be able like a special license saying I know what I'm doing and it's working for men.

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