Full marijuana legalization proposed in Wisconsin

Democratic state Rep. Melissa Sargent and other supporters on Thursday unveiled the latest proposal to fully legalize marijuana in Wisconsin.


  1. Wow it would be cool if they listened to the will of the voters in the communities they are supposed to represent.. instead they are just going to spread misinformation and fear mongering. I would think it would be harder for kids to get if it was made a legal purchase with proper ID'ing!!

  2. I'm turning 67 in a few months, the wife 66, I did military thing way back in the day, got out and worked over 40 years, married, raised 2 great kids, paid taxes since we were 18, our vehicles and house are paid for, perfect driving record, did all the stuff we were supposed to do. AND…Did it all while smoking pot!! Were both retired now. We sit home mostly, grow tomatoes and peppers in the summer, Watch TV or screw around on computer ( When we don't go gambling ) AND…Still smoke pot!! Why should some ding dong in a suit dictate to me that I cant get high and tell me it's bad for me. Kiss my a..

  3. Alcohol is 20 times worse for your health and for everybody everywhere ! Make it legal all the way and this will limit the alcohol use in Wisconsin , Saving lives ! Saving families , saving marriages ! Alcohol kills cannabis chills !!!

  4. You gotta see that wisconsin is a drunk state. I'm sure Miller Coors and other alchohol makers and contributors have some effect on this.
    Other than that these old people just need to be replaced and the appropriate people in charge . Then , and only then will wisconsin be a leader .

  5. I totally oppose any legalization of weed. I wish people would think of this in depth . Why encourage laziness? First people who smoke weed don't work hard because all they want is to relax or fix their life issues which they should heal by a change of mentality and life style. So smoking weed affects job performance. Another fact is these people start having memory problems which again affects other areas of their life because they begin to forget everything. Who the heck would want a wife or husband to be just chilling when there's so much to get done at home ? Again laziness big time. Now let's talk about the scent. Who likes the smell of skunk ? I surely don't ! I can't stand the smell of skunk or even cigarettes and who is considerate of the noses of those who don't like it? No one seems to care! What about the people who suffer from asthma or allergies , does anyone think of their health? What about children ? Their parents using that around them , how's that good for a developing brain ? Herbs can be a blessing when used wisely but these days everything has become corrupted and humans keep on destroying themselves and society in direct and subtle ways. Keep encouraging laziness and don't complaint the hard working people are the ones paying for these people to get free benefits while they enjoy their weed at home and do nothing. You want to heal ? Stop eating junk food and exercise, breath fresh air and have a serious change of mentality. That's the start of a healthy life , mind and the beginning of happiness .

  6. Weed is not a gateway drug.. the only reason it is seen that way is because dealers want to make more money so they sell harder stuff, and it introduces the youth into the blackmarket of drugs. if its made legal federally there would be less youth-fulls getting into this black-market of harmful drugs. it will still happen but hopefully and most likely there will be less.

  7. It's becoming legal by all the surrounding states, people will just go to other states and get it. Wisconsin may as wee just legalize it because the the government will get money and less people will get in trouble with the law. It's safer than alcohol and if it's legal it will probably overtake alcohol and less fatalities will happen

  8. This is why I hate living in Wisconsin, our law makers are stuck in the dark ages and scared of boogeymen. It’s hilarious seeing this old ass dudes acting like bud is some terrible stuff but probably get wasted every night and kill brain cells and their liver. Smh just legalize it the good it would do would TOTALLY outweigh the bad

  9. I hope Wisconsinites spend millions in Illinois. The Wisconsin bear belt is stuck in the past. All the politicians care about is money I hope people start going down to Illinois to spend there money. And the people from Illinois should be careful in Wisco.

    Come on vacation leave on probation.

  10. They don’t actually care about the kids brain health if they did we would be seeing major reforms to our school system. This “harmful to adolescents” gimmick is fucking dumb. Tobacco and alcohol are far too easy for children in high school to get their hands on. Yet they aren’t been prohibited state wide

  11. Please Don't give up be patience and just wait have faith that medical marijuana legalization will come soon to all states in America.Best wishes. hope they can see that Oklahoma state has passed full medical marijuana legalization and it's doing very good and also I see good things Oklahoma state is growing I see more beautiful people who have to move here to Oklahoma where medical marijuana legalization is available to all and I am so saddened that people they have to move out from there state just to get there medical marijuana medicine cannabis. then I am so sorry that other states still have no clue.so I guess states where they don't want to fully understand legalization medical marijuana legalization i guess alcohol alcoholism is doing better things for them that's so very sad but it's the truth 👎👤👎

  12. "as harmful as lead." With all due respect, go pound sand. The abuse of any substance in adolescents is harmful. Including sugar, alcohol, and tobacco. But here in Wisconsin we do our best to be the drunkest state in the nation. While at UW Stout I knew several students who died or were injured from alcohol use but not one from marijuana. Enough with "what about the kids" arguments. Enough with the misinformation. It's time to give Wisconsinites control of their own conciousness.

  13. Good luck, it's never gonna happen in the state of Wisconsin, legislators here are on a 1940s refeer madness kick, funny how he talked about the effects of pot on teens what about the legal alcohol, legal pills are doing? Wisconsin will be one of the last states in the country to legalize weed and join the 21st century , legislators in Wisconsin have complete disregard of the citizens

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