UFC 246: Conor McGregor Octagon Interview

Hear Conor McGregor’s post-fight comments immediately after his knockout victory over Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone at UFC 246 in the first round. Subscribe to …


  1. Much respect for cowboy! He is such a good sport! I felt bad for him but in the end i know he picked up alot of respect and love from that fight. Conor fans will support that good man and make him alot of money for being such a great person.

  2. This man is the 🐐 it’s not even close 16.5 million views for a post fight interview?! No man or woman in the ufc will do numbers like Conor! There will never be another Conor Mcgregor! This man is the 🐐

  3. Why is Joe interviewing fighters after they get knocked out? He said he will not do it again after the Cormier Jones 2 fight. And look at him now. I can't imagine being knocked out, my face busted up, with my grandma crying and hugging me, someone pointing a camera in my face for a couple of unnecessary questions. Did the shot that distorted you for the rest of the fight surprise you? Cmon man you can still hear it in his talk he ain't all there just yet.

  4. So aside from Cannonier, Vitor Belfort had three KO's across 3 different weight classes. Heavyweight, Lightheavyweight, and Middleweight. All before Conor was even in the UFC mind you. Maybe Conor is the first to get three KO's across 3 weight classes going up in weight, but he is most certainly not the first. Coming from a fan of Conor's work mind you.

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