Top 5 Best Dry Herb Vaporizers of 2020

TVape shows you our picks for the top 5 dry herb vaporizers of 2020. These are the best of the best portable vaporizers to start your year off right! With all of …


  1. Awesome video. I'm after the safest option without a metal heating path, preferable glass or similar, i don't like the idea of vaping heated metal, stainless steel, would definatley never go with aluminum… What is my best option please? For convection, safest materials for health and replaceable batteries?

  2. Great review, Thanks for posting… I'm an old school hippy and trying to find info/pricing on vaporizers has been a challenge for me, so thanks again for providing this info…

  3. Just got the Utillian 722..cant wait to try this out been hearing good things..never had a vaporizer other than a 50 dollar crappy snoopdogg vape I bought on in Atlantic city..hopefully this 1 lives up to the hype!

  4. hi guys quick question need to smoke weed at home without anyone smelling anything at all. using dry herb vaporisers and blowing out my window is that calm. like the vapes don’t give out smoke without you toking does it

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