Think Ya Know? Is Marijuana a Risk Factor for Violence?

Warning Graphic Subject Matter Parents Opposed to Pot is bringing awareness to the link between marijuana and violence in America, but we want the public to …


  1. 😂😂😂 who ever believes in this video really needs to re-evaluate their life around them and see what reality really is , we’re in 2020 the “reefer madness” era already ended got revealed to be racist and entirely politically controlled

  2. My stepdaughter died of a fentanyl overdose ten months ago. She’d still alive if she smoked cannabis instead. I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of lies in my life.

  3. So it has nothing to do with the friction between parents and law enforcement. After that all the violence comes from the direct results of prohibiti, petty to organized crime. Home robbery happens also because of it being a
    Illegal. The the robber knows the victim cant go to the police because you are admitting to a crime to begin with. So the only thing the victim can do, be a little bitch and do nothing or retaliate. And that only caused even more violence. PROHABITION CAUSES THR VIOLENCE NOT THE MARIJUANA. How about a being honest and admit that you do not knoe the history of cannabis, how deceitful they were getting it made illegal and how it was used to attack minorities and political opponents. And kept some corporations free from competition that's political cronyism. Banning weed had nothing to do with safety or becaus it was a scourge. You're either stoopid or dishonest l.

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