1. The one thing I find tricky is that I definitely believe in some conspiracy theories that (in my opinion) are proven true.

    The CIA overthrowing Latin American political systems in favour of the US? Operation Condor, confirmed.
    Banks are evil and are working together to cover up a huge scam to steal the common man's money? 2008 crash, confirmed.
    I guess my question is: how do you weed out the conspiracy theories backed by facts, from those by fiction? Does it all depend on what sources you find credible, or is there anything else?

  2. [pseudo skeptic quote]: John you are a "Conspiracy Nut" [unquote]
    ~my response:
    Yeah it “must” be total nuts that we have laws to put people in prison (jail) for conspiring … totally nuts is that … what were they thinking? … When two or more people prepare to commit a crime or to do harm is totally “science fiction” … the lawmakers must also be “conspiracy nuts” then.
    Conspiracy Researchers studies Proven Conspiracy Facts and sometimes have “Theories” about KNOWN liars mixed with hard evidence of corruption, colluding, deceptions etc. … To label some one “Conspiracy Theorists” is to FALSELY ASSUME that some one ‘only’ cooks up “theories”.
    This desperate need to control the narrative by MSM is part of mass dumbing down of a nation! Look up the word “Conspiracy” in any (LAW) Dictionary … then ask yourself is that “science fiction”? … When 2 or more people prepare to commit a crime or to do harm is that so “far fetched” … what MSM tries to do is you to be associated with certain people that are FAR from being a true researchers or being an honest conspiracy analyst.
    The reason MSM never can share an honest representation of that what they attack is because they assume most will not verify their own sold claims & judgemental assumptions to them! So they count on you being lazy!
    Ask any police officer if they are allowed to have a theory when they investigating a possible crime … just ask them please … Than you will realize how stupid the framing really is.
    TV Series like: “Inspector Columbo” (Peter Falk) would be pretty BORING if he was not allowed to have several theories when he is investigating a possible crime(s) and/or criminal suspect(s). You see they DEMONIZE any critical thinking exposing Government Puppet Politicians, Corrupted Mainstream Media, Hijacked “Protecting Agencies”, Big Pharma Mafia, Banksters with their Giant Fiat Money Pyramid Ponzi Scheme etc.
    There is nothing wrong having theories … but it will get wrong (really bad) when MSM get never get a "fact check" when they spew theories & (rigged) "computer models" / 'predicting the future' scare monger tactics 24/7 … When we occasionally do it, they falsely assume it is meant as "absolute" or "only one way of thinking" like as if it is a fact.
    So they first FRAME us (using straw-man argument tactics) then claim we are "spreading misleading/deceptive" information that can have consequences for their #Agenda2030 "Global Governance" plans … But when they (msm) have theories, it will be treated as such by "fact checkers sites" leaving them alone as the theories HELPS to push their agenda when they are NOT openly challenged!
    Meanwhile they are the ones using obvious misleading/deceptive framing techniques to silence any form of real opposition/resistance.
    Study: tinyurl.com/FactCheckers-Misleading-You
    John Kuhles 🦜🦋🌳
    Founder http://Fb.com/groups/Stop5G
    http://Stop5G.net & http://Twitter.com/Stop5G

  3. I mean… we are supposed to be the smart ones? Are we really or is it because of the fluoride in the water😂😂😂 I mean the comment section alone suggests that it's possible to overdose on fluoride water…. orrr this stupidity is just natural in smart animals.

  4. Why do all these show cartoons? Is it because of a dumbing down and tiny brains that can only encapsulate graphics that are cartoonlike?

    We are praying for you all.

  5. For the amount of time you spent convincing yourself in this video, you could've attained what you needed. This is video is more about figuring you out, its "head in sand" people versus "that makes sense" people.

  6. 2015: Conspiracy Theorists: "they are planning a global pandemic to justify locking us down to force social change, then tracking us, vaccinating us and causing an economic depression, out of which global government will rise. It is all in these documents written by the elite, look read!"
    Sheeple: "No! Crazy Conspiracy Theorist".
    2020: Conspiracy Theorists: "TOLD YOU!"
    Sheeple: "Obey social distancing, you crazy conspiracy theorist".

  7. Look the enemy conspires to do evil that's a big part of what he does and the enemy has conditioned many into not believing the TRUTH because that is also something the enemy does oft. The synagogue/(church) of Satan many in these times call the Illuminati/Freemasons/skull and bones/dark brotherhood and many names but there all part of the synagogue/(church) of Satan and they have used the WORD conspiracy theory to manipulate many from pursuing the TRUTH. i believe a lot of how the enemy does this is by using entertainment to manipulate your thoughts and emotions and way of thinking. The enemy loves it win one scoffs and completely dismisses the TRUTH for an conspiracy theory. He wants you to scoff and not take the time to seek out the TRUTH and expose his many deception's. Wake up and know the TRUTH i pray thee for the synagogue of Satan has been using entertainment to try and deceive and distract the masses from the TRUTH and the WAY and the LIGHT that is Christ Jesus. Please take the time to know Christ Jesus before it is to late i pray thee.


  8. Beware of this video, actually a conspiracy is something that reveals the truth that the majority doesn't want to hear or believe to someone that doesn't give a f**k about what you are saying, to someone that loves the simplicity, does want to obey and not riposte and doesn't want to do his own research !! 🌎

  9. They work because they are usually true 🤨 plus conspiracy theories weren't about untill the cia coined the term…. Do a little research

  10. Yes, an example of this tangential entry into fractal ontology is the case of the Pentagon UFO videos. They corroborate what people have been seeing for years, that is ,the videos openly and officialy uncover a consipracy, and they also make people who has not experienced sky anomalies, skeptics, believe or at least "suspect" 😉 that the government is lying the folx with propaganda., they make them believe that the government is conspiring against truth, or science or logic or rationality or whatever shield concept. Or that the Air Force should hire better pilots or any other "way out" to repel the dissonance . Come on peeps, neuroplasticity is a healthy thing. By the way guys, debunk the Plasmoid Anomalies Study Group, grab your equipment now! 🙂

  11. Hi guys, this is a nice video. Up to date with some cognitive psychology attempts to "explain away" human behaviour. Just beware of generalizations. Psychology is prone to that and is always changing. Maybe you should also show the studies of what advantages this kind of heuristic approach to gain knowledge has 😉 It was my impression that you wanted to say it is "not good". You are still naive of course like everyone at one point in life is, you seem to see the world under a pure light. I hope it stays like that. I ask you to think for a moment- feeling is more challenging- how a victim fof ritual satanism feels about a video that contributes to diminish the people who want to prosecute these predators, you know the theory. But then again, if your efforts against the existence of pedophile rings is consequent with your "beliefs" then you are ignorant of this reality, as simple as that, maybe even blinded by science, or your own biases, baggage of knowledge and experience. Well, It is not funny, and people in their own bubble who cannot cope with these aspects of life, should better stay away because they may be playing for the predators in this case. Be empathetic would be my advice. "Psychology" also "knows" that attemps to position oneself over another with insults or pseudo judgments only leads to make the "opposition" stronger. Thats why I see your nice vide as a sophisticated expression of cognitive disonance. Also a projection. Because you are so "pure" there cant be "evil" out there. Well, maybe not "evil" but there is revenge, destructive intent, and also lust for power, this one feeds on everything even on humans. And there are "systems" created based on these "feelings", always in the company of secrecy. Work on these concepts, on these realities. For the time being, i am thankful for your polite approach, just please dont word conspiracy theorist, i "believe" Kevin Shipp in this one. Why wouldnt you? 😉

  12. I don't think you can adequately discuss conspiracy theories without a deep analysis of religion. The conspiracy content out right now is 700 club for younger radicalized audience. They were conditioned from a young age to believe that apocalypse is imminent and that Satanic forces are secretly running the world. You cherry pick aspects of liberal demonization of capitalism and and it is a fertile breeding ground for this kind of recycled radical evangelical content. If you chase any conspiracy content down deep enough you always find a preacher sharing his interpretation of "the truth" about some target organization.

  13. Do your own research without looking for confirmation bias. Way to many "conspiracy theories" have been proven to be true, dont just believe what you're told, by either side.

  14. It's simple; conspiracy theories "work" because of reasonable doubt. Many conspiracy theories from the past have turned out to be true. In particular, government conspiracies that have been exposed with declassified documents. Basically it's "fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me". It's a fact that we have been lied to repeatedly by governments, and many "scientists" and media sources have also been proven to put out false information in exchange for funding. If someone lies to you repeatedly, would you not question everything they say? To me, that's common sense. Now, that doesn't mean that all conspiracy theories are true, but I'd much rather be called a conspiracy theorists for questioning know liars, than to believe any and everything government, science and media tells us without thinking critically at all.

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