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A look back at the police killings of Terence Crutcher, Paul O’Neal, Botham Jean and Emantic Bradford Jr. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah Subscribe to The Daily …


  1. The justice system is void of justice. Hugs aside, like Noah, let's concentrate on the fact that 10 yrs for murder and parole after 5 is bullshit. A man dealing pills where no one died gets 10 years with no chance for parole. Such f'n bullsh*t!

  2. I am still waiting for us to find out the brother hired Amber to kill his brother Botham Jean. As for the judge – whoo knows who offers her 50 pieces of silver – so many devils out there. I will never understand this never never never because it makes no sense whatsoever. I can sere people reaching forgiveness years later but not this quickness's not this soon and NOT THE JUDGE who is suppose to be impartial! Even if an apartment has the same layout – there is no way you can see clear enough to shoot someone to kill them and not notice that the apartment is decorated differently than your actual apartment.

  3. Mohamed Noor <-If this crazy person had never been given a gun and a badge and made a cop this person would still be alive.–> Justine Damond. The problem is there needs to be better screening of those who want to become police so insane community members aren't being given badges, guns and made police. Look at the pool of humans that is applying to become police in the first place. If these psychos are the ones that are supposed to be their best I would like to know how they were selected. Bad cops come in all colors. I have dealt with bad cops of all colors. There are cops of all colors who are assholes.

  4. Keep that same energy…that same level of compassion and empathy for my unarmed brothers and sisters as you do armed killers exercising their 'right to bear arms'. When the militia in Michigan stormed the Legislator, they tried to 'reason' with them…massive shows of force with the AR's in Starbucks Subway, you name it…and it's crickets from the Police. But they're geared up for the big dance now. Military weapons are being used against unarmed citizens. All Power to the People

  5. Today, reality really set in for me. I was on my way to work and my car started to overheat. So i checked it out and knew I'd be late for work. I tried calling and texting the manager that I was supposed to be relieving to let them know I'd be late. Unfortunately, cell towers were down and I didn't get service back till about 10pm. While closing down for the night, I suddenly received a ton of messages from ex coworkers and upper management all at once asking if I was ok and all that. My old General Manager and Field Leader actually thought that I might had been harmed by law enforcement or by some Europeans or something. That opened my eyes to the times we are living in.

  6. He got a gun, stop resisting, he was reach for my gun and my favorite you look suspicious. This are all regularly used terms to wipe your ass or kill you. Shameful

  7. I think if police are going to defend actions with previous week activities, then criminals can use the same defense and have it justified. Ted Bundy loved to help other people, he didn't kill everyone he could of. See, he isn't a bad person?

  8. I'm 65, white, no police record for 26yrs. and i hate every cop in America.(forget personalities) You put on that uniform, badge and gun and turn into Adolf Hitler. It's like magic. I wish i had a genie and he gave me 3 wishes. 1) Every traffic stop that you got out of your car you got shot in the face. 2) The driver took your license out of your wallet and went to your house and shot your entire family in the head.(except the dog) 3) Happen for 65 yrs. NOW WE'RE EVEN.

  9. It hurts me to see the racism uprising in the states! Let's be real, there's no solution for racism but there's a solution for equality! There's racism embedded in every race… however mild or extreme! I don't think there will be an end to racism until our humanity is in jeopardy! Equality on the other hand, can and will be achieved if humanity stands together. Protesters in the streets in the U.S. are protesting without demands! No peace! No justice! That's all hear! How about some real demands!

    1. Cops should NOT have unions! Unions make them protect their own, NOT the public! When I was a soldier protecting our country, the U.S. Army didn't allow soldiers to form unions. Why states and cities are allowing cops to form unions?

    2. Police departments need to have a reward system for officers that report illegal activities of other officers. Police needs to police the police. Not just rely on Internal Affairs.

    3. Training: police officers need to be trained by a national academy! Our nation needs to systemic police training.

    Problem on the National Stage

    Stop the mass incarceration! US has 3% of the world's population and 25% of the world's incarcerated population. This big business on prisoner labor has to stop! This statistic reflects police officers' actions in the US.

    Stop the mandatory sentencing! Let judges make the judgments, that's why they are called judges! No one is born a criminal… crimes need to be classified by the action. Criminality is NOT a tool to disenfranchise the minority!

    Our police forces are fueled with arrests and imprisonment instead of listening and resolving a situation.

    Our justice system is fueled with deals and prosecutions instead of understanding and being just.

    War on drugs has failed… instead of incarceration how about rehabilitation and education!

  10. Speaking of curious things about the Amber Guyger shooting trial: she clearly committed manslaughter, and should have obviously been held to account for that…but then for no reason I'm aware of beyond possibly trying to proactively appease the mob it gets upgraded to "Murder," which is far more serious and carries much harsher penalties.
    We all got to see during that clip just how well that worked, eh?

    The prosecution was allowed to trump up the charges against Guyger to start with; if you want to talk about some fundamental lack of fairness by the legal system, why not start there?

    As for how Botham Jean's cousin, and the judge, treated Amber Guyger: she didn't actually commit murder…it was an accident. She didn't decide upon returning home from her latest shift to end the day by walking upstairs to the apartment above hers and shooting whoever she found there. The was no malice, no prior intent. And I'm not aware of any murderers who recently went to trial that killed a guy, then called 911, identified themselves to the dispatcher, and took responsibility for shooting the victim.

    Like I said: she made a terrible mistake, and it cost a man's life. She should most certainly have paid some price for that. But I can see how forgiving someone who made a fatal mistake would be easier than doing so as opposed to conscious criminal intent.

  11. I honestly believe that they are trained to shoot to kill, because they never tend to shoot legs, shoulders, feet. It's always chest (heart and lungs) and head. If they kill the people they shoot, they are they not removing evidence?

  12. Paul O'Neal (and cases like his) are why allocating more money for body cameras alone isn't even a small step toward reform. If there is no standard for when the officer is allowed to turn it on and off and there is no punishment for breaking that standard, the cameras are going to be selectively used. Superiors should be alerted remotely if an officer manually turns off the bodycam and they should not be allowed to continue their shift without a working bodycam that is switched on. The punishment for not following through on that standard should apply to both the officer in question and the superior(s) responsible for compliance with this. There should also be some kind of backup system and redundancy for this footage. I'm not sure the police should even be in charge of safeguarding that data for obvious reasons. I've read news stories of police dash cam footage conveniently being corrupted when the officer who was driving the cruiser caused some kind of accident. No reason to think bodycam footage won't get "corrupted" if the opportunity presents itself except I haven't actually heard of it happening with a bodycam yet.

  13. 2020 and we’re still repeating the same shit. How many Centuries before there’s true equality? How long until a black person, or any person who’s not white, can call the police for help or see police running towards them and feel safe & protected by them. 1.4k dislikes… that in itself makes me want to puke 🤢. I really don’t understand why SOME people have so much hate in them. Look I’m human, and there have been times where someone has wronged or hurt me in some way, enough to make me feel like I hate them. But never enough for me to want them dead… no matter how much I dislike someone I know that there are people out there who love and care deeply for that person, be it family or friends. I don’t understand how taking a human life is so easy for some people, it scares me and makes me sick. 😞 💔

  14. Better yet: you need to draw attention to the fact that there's an "all-black high school" as if that's symptomatic of some larger (and, I guess, problematic) issue?

    By and large, I don't think that would be something best described as "normal." However, given the fact that there has recently been a surge in the establishment of private/semi-private charter schools whose curricula is tailored exclusively towards educating black kids, I gotta wonder if black people even regard it as a net-negative anymore.

    Whether it's black high school kids demanding their own exclusively black proms, to black college kids demanding their own all-black dorm space and their own separate graduation ceremonies, or for that matter, simply attending one of a couple dozen colleges and universities that are designated entities in the Historically Black College/University system, most of the racial segregation in America is deliberate and intentional, and comes about via the efforts of black people.

  15. Yeah, Trevor…it sure is easy to get shot by police isn't it? I guess we're the only country in the world where someone can do some highly illegal shit, then act like a goddamned lunatic while ignoring commands from a police officer when they show up to try and secure the situation.
    Great job making a half-assed attempt to appear as if you're trying to be fair and impartial by rattling off the list of variables that had yet to be clarified or established, only to go right into "Monday Morning Quarterback Mode" and dump on the officers involved in the incident. We really just don't have enough of that shit already.

  16. Hey, fuckwit…I mean, "Trevor:" is there any audio, anything in the back-and-forth over the radio that would even suggest any of the officers say "Okay, now lean into the driver's-side window as if you're looking to grab something I can't see?" Because barring that, I fail to see how Crutcher was complying with the officers.

    He was heard to say something about "a bomb," maybe in the vehicle, maybe elsewhere. Kinda hard to say exactly, because the guy was dusted to his fucking eyeballs on PCP; that being but *one* recreational chemical of the cocktail in his bloodstream. That being something that raises another issue of concern: the guy was high as a kite while driving around on the highway in a three-ton motor vehicle, putting any number of other peoples' lives at risk.

    If Crutcher wasn't a drug-added idiot, he'd be alive right now.

  17. The police obviously weren't telling him to walk towards his car and reach in the window. They ALWAYS tell suspects to walk backwards away from their car. Him refusing what they were telling him and then reaching into his car is clearly a threatening action.

  18. They need to stop hiring mentally ill, racist, hater ppl to work for the police dept.. And every Police department should hire more black, Spanish and diverse race of ppl to work for them. I don’t know how these racist white men even passed the police psychological test to believe cops. It’s very hard even for a normal person to pass it. I used to know a few ppl who have failed it and couldn’t become cops and were later found out to be racist. So a big part of the blame needs to be placed on incompetent Police Dept psychologists who are passing these racists for work in the police department. It’s crazy how many racists we have in the US. A wonderful and beautiful country founded on diversity and a large mixture of races. I’m born and raised in NYC and I grew up around and with all kinds of ppl from all different races so I have learned not to judge ppl because of their color, race or religion but to accept and love ppl as they are. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I am proud to be a New Yorker.
    Live and let live. Why hate when u can love.
    My comment is my opinion so please, no hate. God bless you and take care, I hope everyone is very careful out there and I pray that no more ppl die from this awful virus. It makes me so sad when I think of how many ppl are dying every day from this Coronavirus. I fear that it’s only a matter of time before we all end up getting it. Whether we die of it or not. Once u are positive, and it’s in you, they say that it’s doing deadly damage to your lungs and other organs. Which mean you may not die right away but sooner or later u will die too. Just as they’ve planned .
    Make no mistake, this virus was made in a lab, for a specific purpose and it’s doing exactly what it was made to do. My heart goes out to all the families who have lost loved ones from this virus. How evil can ppl be to create such a horrible virus. They have no respect, empathy and compassion for human life and I tell u the truth, the ppl responsible for this virus getting out will answer to God. Nobody will get away with sin. Nobody!!!
    Repent and call on to Jesus for your salvation. It’s your only hope. I place my HOPE for salvation and eternal life on my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am not afraid to die. I know where I am going, do you?

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