[OVERSEEDING LAWN] in the SPRING with Arden 15 – Week 4 Update

4 week update after overseeding my golf course lawn this spring with Arden 15. I find that it provides more even coverage and prevents the seed from blowing …


  1. Hey ron hope all is well.going to be top dressing my lawn this week with some over seeding should I aerate my lawn first.can you send me your email again seemed to have lost it.want to send some pics

  2. Got a question. If I overseeded my lawn but didnt kill the weeds before I overseeded how should I attack the weeds now? I already put down Lesco starter fertilizer. Any suggestions how to get rid of the old weeds and new because the lawn is filled with it.

  3. Good job Ron I have celebration Bermuda here in the Orlando area, I am fighting off St Augustine from my neighbors on both sides of me, so far I am using the AndersonsPGF complete the results have been mixed , I think I would be further along with milorganite but trying to stay decipline and stay with it to the end of the year

  4. Hey Ron, Thanks for the lawn tip vids! I have a hybrid bermuda and just wondeing how far will this creep to fill in bare spots? will a 50 square foot patch surrounded by bermuda eventually cover? or do you think i'd have to take further measures like plugging / transplants or possibly new seed?

  5. Did the same thing to mine about 2 weeks ago… and seeing good germination. I had a pool built that damaged my yard pretty bad. I was wondering when I should cut back on watering and start mowing? Your Lawns looking awesome keep up the good work!!! I’m in California by the way.

  6. Looking great Ron! I sprayed down the biostimulant pack yesterday from N-EXT. I think I'm going to look into that backpack sprayer you use didnt enjoy the hose end sprayers I tried.

  7. Man looking good for this early in the year up your way. Mine is green but light green even after a liquid Iron application at about 7-8 ounces per thou sq. ft. Going to aerate, over seed then top dress. Have a yard maintenance company spraying my yard, I mostly use them for weed control because the back yard in centipede st. aug mix. Once I find out what liquid mix theyre spraying Ill be able to adjust on what Ill be spraying this year. Plan on a 3 week spray program DIY. May send out a before and after time pictures if I can get this all together. Be safe up there.

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