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  1. My grandma always had cantaloupe and watermelon cut up for us too. No matter how many times I tried the cantaloupe and told her I didn’t like it she always made me try it everytime. 😂 I did the same thing with the velveeta cheese. I made the recipe last night and had more than half the block leftover. Great haul!

  2. Harrison is adorable! So I’ve noticed bacon and eggs have gone up but we still buying it lol! I like how you refer back to items that you got previously to make a whole new meal. The cheese dip, great idea! Thanks for sharing girl. Oh and Im right there with ya, I don’t talk proper all the time either. My words will get jumbled real quick and you’ll be thinking “whadddddd did Sis say” 💁🏽‍♀️🥰😂😂

  3. Thanks for sharing your haul, Jennifer. Have you ever tried the Great Value Jalapeno Kettle chips? Yum! That's a great price on the butter. The cheapest here (PA) is $2.99/lb. With food prices going up, are you into building up a little pantry reserve? (:

  4. Hi my name is Chastity my birthday was Thursday May 28 I’m 46 years old now my boy dog Otis birthday was May 26 he is three years old I’m hoping and praying that in Milan Italy airport will get open on June 3

  5. Just recently found your channel and I’m loving your videos. I like to watch grocery hauls cause I like to see what everyone else gets, see if I’m missing out on something 😂 and the price difference. I am in Texas and it’s a little higher here than in NC. The Hershey Syrup is $2.68 and the bacon you got this week is $7.24. 😳😳 Can’t wait to see your what’s for dinner this week. 😊

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