1. If you have a white powdered substance labeled as root growth hormone and in a baggy, and it is, because the container is broken, is that illegal, because it's a lookalike?

  2. People are such losers on drugs. As long as you overdose you aren't charged for your crimes. Just so everyone knows how to get out of being charged for drugs

  3. I can’t belive they want to cancel the show for good.
    When I was growing up the two things stoping me from being a junkie was
    My Strict Mexican Parents
    And COPS and Live P.D

  4. How you gonna pull over one person, say if you tell me where the drugs are, we will talk work something out. Then the next person, WeLl hE InCriMinaTed HiSelf CaNt gEt aNy EaSiEr tHan tHAt

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