Learn About The Antifa Express Before The DC Riots Today From A Special Forces/DEA Expert

Farmer Jones Full Length Interview of Jeffery Prather Jeffrey Prather YouTube Channel …


  1. Antifa is a loose confederation of autonomous groups and individuals with a similar ideology without a hierarchical leadership structure. Antifa groups can act independently or in coordination. Issues in Germany might not be of interest in the US. Antifa is a shorten for of the German word “antifaschistisch”.

    Antifa groups are in most countries in the “western world”, President Trump call Antifa groups terrorists, is the President correct? Yes, he is correct for several of the Antifa groups, their actions speak for itself. Some Antifa groups cooperates with other US designated terrorist groups one of them is the Turkish PKK. Antifa has no member lists and is organized like a professional intelligence organization with cells who do not any formal communication. Only casual messages like “Good luck fighting the Grey Wolf fascists and President Erdogan” Antifa groups use internet as a tool for propaganda and to get the independent cells to act.

    We have seen in the US riots how efficient Antifa groups have been able to “recruit” others to do their dirty work like looting, creating property damage, and create havoc. Very few of the looters know about Antifa and antifascism but they are “victims” of their propaganda. The Antifa groups are MASTERS in manipulation and know how to pull the right strings to get other groups to do the rioting. MSM does not support Antifa, but some MSM reporting make it easy for Antifa “sell” their propaganda. The Democrats see they can gain support due to the Corona pandemic and the riots.

    Antifa groups is not always Antifa groups. There are right-wing groups who poses to be Antifa groups to scare Americans to fight Antifa groups. White supremacists thrive due to the crimes done by Antifa groups and individuals. Anyway, FBI have an uphill struggle to catch the Antifa groups since it is a loose confederation of groups. In Minnesota, the group “Baldis” was formed in 1987 and was allegedly sharing the Antifa ideology. There are a few groups with the word Antifa in their name. I guess this will be removed since Antifa groups now are labeled designated terrorist. Important to know 99% of all anti-fascists is not terrorists but law obeying people from all legal political parties.

    Tracing IP addresses should be quite easy for those who organize violence. This method has been used on ISIS websites and bulletin boards to find areas where there are many that like to read their material. By subpoena data from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media and use AI algorithms the FBI can narrow the research. Then the many US Fusion centers who spy on Americans can put boots on the ground narrowing the list of suspects further. The US Fusion centers has so far been a huge flop, so do not have to high hopes they will get it right. Here is a video of training local Antifa members. It should be easy to lock these up based on this video: https://youtu.be/W8EiFR9-uHo

    Many is funding the various Antifa associated groups, INCLUDING THE US GOVERNMENT who has funded and has worked closely with the Kurdish YPG in Syria. YPG is the sister organization of the PKK terrorism group in Turkey. US has a long history of supporting both left and right-wing extremist. Many of the NATO Gladio operations was done by the Turkish Grey Wolfs. It is alleged the US is currently using the Turkish and Turkic Grey Wolfes for operations in former Soviet Republics and China. US NGO’s support several Uighur “NGO’s” located in Washington these are according to China promoting, organizing, and funding terrorism in China and Asia.

    The US strategy to use left and right-wing extremists, mercenaries, and “moderate terrorists” gives the US deniability but it has backfired on US international reputation. Now we see Antifa groups creating havoc in numerous cities in the US.

  2. Yes Amazing disclosure 95% PSYOPS!!!!! Best guest ever, in my sphere. Former Army Chief warrant officer Scott Kirtley Rogue NSA/CIA targeting me / had been doing training and Silence OPS on me for 10yrs since Bandar/Bush Brennan and sickos up until Pres Trump glorious Election.

    I Investigated, and found out Scott Kirtley former State Department Army Intel Supervisor of Ops during Honduran Coup, (I was there for Long Distance company as a CFP financial advisor trying to monetize an Underserved market during global Financial Meltdown) went on to Supervising head of DEW/Irregular Warfare @Huachucha.

    This St Dept pawn minion was behind a hideous targeting Domestic Terrorist type program against me for my knowledge, wisdom, enlightenment.

    Gen Flynn is not the only martyr in this war for Truth and knows where the skeletons lie.

    Scott has since slithered away to New Jersey and I cant find him to serve Criminal/Civil Lawsuits

    Time to name names! Consequences for decades of criminal abuses

  3. Perfect vid timely. Thanks Mr Webb – my Outlaw father in law was Camarena's partner Dea, he has caused me more nuisances since I divorced his daughter in Tucson.. because of what I know

    RET Monitoring a Fed Contract Co for dea/fbi employing anywhere from 100-300 local neighborhood Informants 'Marginal' type people in the system most on 'Probation' for drug crimes

    Are basically Covering up for serious Trafficking Crimes… my 2cents

  4. THEY JUST PULLED THIS VIDEO Tracking Keith Ellison’s Antifa ( Strzok’s Too) / AND PUT THIS COMMENT THREAD UNDER IT !

  5. "Guns Across the Border" by Mike Detty, previous ATF gunrunning > Operation Too Hot to Handle, Operation Wide Receiver, Operation Castaway

  6. I lived in Panama as a military dependent at Fort Clayton a few years before the Panama Invasion. All the sudden, GHWB had no use for his drug buddy Noriega. Panama was a great and safe place to live even under Noriega. Yeah, he was a drug trafficker. So was Bush. The Panamanians were wonderful people. The US forces destroyed civilian neighborhoods and killed 1000s of innocent Panamanians in that illegal invasion. It was a disgrace and I am ashamed of what "we" did there.

  7. All this chaos is probably just a smoke screen to keep Hilary Cliton out of the publlic spotlight while she is finally being made to testify! I still think she is trying to sneak her way into the WH and doesn't want to garner any bad press regarding her time as SOS

  8. Interesting that Prather as a liason for Fast and Furious- the ATF was guns running operation. Whistle-blowers certainly have to have thick skins.

  9. Is it possible the George Floyd murder was a staged event to insight riots and unrest like Jussie Smollett faking attack in Chicago? Have you heard about Gigi Hughes doing research about this?

  10. Sorry, if anyone thinks that our government cannot destroy these radical groups in heartbeat, you’re out of you mind. The only reason why these groups have been terrorizing citizens throughout history is because elements of the government itself have been behind these groups. The anti fascist groups blur the lines so people cannot define them clearly, but it is the same old mobs of the past, with the exception that they now have a whole lot more support from government and exponential modern technology on their side. To think that they are not well organized is actually a big mistake we’re making. The riots are just a small distraction.

  11. Lieberman has absolutely nothing to do with Coronavirus, he is a carbon nanorods guy, not a virus guy

  12. These people follow Louis Farrakhan, Obamas teacher, a lot of them are based in Minnesota and Michigan. Check out the newspaper, the last call, apparently Louis Farrakhan has a message for the world

  13. One of the AnteFah kids in the OKeefe videos wore a shirt that said appeared to say CAPCO. That's an intelligence Armed Forces 2 front that fronts as finance and java programmers. They have a website. Looks like Europeans mostly British.

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