1. Is there a way I can advertise the CBD based stuff in my car since I'm an uber driver and I focus on the tourist side of things. I love CBD products and I'm allergic to thc but I'm not against it I just can't get high or a contact high but I would like to get some type of info cards that I can give to my passengers. My IG is @vegas.vip.driver, if someone can DM me, I'm not looking to get paid for it, I just get tons of questions about the best products and where to go and it'd help me if I could hand them a card with all the information on it and we can discuss that during the ride rather than them asking me to look up certain things while I'm driving since that's not exactly the safest thing to do especially when driving around the Las Vegas strip.

  2. What you girls really need is to be with a guy who actually appreciates how spectacular you are. Not just good looking, which is what you are sure, but as people with something real to offer, not marketing superficialities for followers on Instagram or some other social media medium that will mean nothing in the years to come.

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