I Passed Away – Social Distancing (Prod by CashMoneyAP x 16yrsold x Z3N) (Official Music Video)

Official music video for “Social Distancing” by I Passed Away Available on all platforms: Directed by Smiley Films …


  1. Listen to beastie boys, future ect… expression is judged on the transmission of feelings, words are irrelevant. Beastie boys words were irrelevant because whatever they said was gonna be fire due to the transmission of energy. Rap like you breathe. That comes with practice practice, no distractions just more practice. Missy & Timbaland did 500 songs each before they released their 1st single.

  2. Чувал съм за тоя, бил бахти рапара, тренирал хвърляне на гомна срещу вентилатора!

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