How To STOP Foundation Rubbing Off!! Perfect LONG LASTING Makeup!!

Stop your foundation fading and rubbing off your nose, chin or cheeks! This is a really common makeup problem and it’s actually very quick and easy to solve!


  1. So what do you do if your skin is so dry because its both dehydrated and dry (no oil production) and the only moisturisers you can use don’t actually absorb because they are designed to constantly hydrate because the skin has no moisture to lock in therefore needs a constant supply of barriers to prevent more drying? If i use a normal moisturiser that absorbs my skin will be severely dry within 1 hr and worse if i apply primer and foundation because my skin is constantly sucking whatever moisture it can find. My foundation looks like a cracked desert. If i use moisturiser for severely dry skin that can never be repaired because it’s not just dehydrated (you can’t cure genetically dry no oil producing skin) my foundation just floats on it and i HATE I MEAN HATE FLOOD WATER LIGHT COVERAGE FOUNDATION. So basically what you’re saying is if you have true dry skin not dehydrated i mean no oil production skin there is no full coverage foundations that work with moisturisers for those foundations.

  2. What I’m not understanding is how the powder isn’t patching or caking against a wet beauty blender. Can someone explain this?

  3. I would've loved to have seen a video of the makeup/foundation after a full day just to see if or where it separated, creased… Maybe a follow-up? I tried the paint pot specifically on my nose and sadly it separated within minutes and actually seem to accentuate the pores on my nose terribly, but this is a problem for me regardless of the product. Idk if I'm just exceptionally oily in my T zone but nothing I've tried has worked as far as the makeup separating. Very depressing, I feel like there's no hope for me 🙁 lol

  4. i find my under makeup under my eyes fades through out the day. any suggestions? maybe some drug store concealer brands or a primer? i have combination skin. i currently am using ELF camp concealer. i read it was a good doupe to tart shape tape concealer. i use of maybelline superstay foundation. set with rcma no colour powder and NYX matte setting spray.

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