How to get rid of clover in 2017

It’s time for an updated how to get rid of clover video. I’ll still show you the old method to kill clover, but the newer method is much easier. I figure killing clover in …


  1. I put down 2 applications if this, one last night, one 3 days ago. The first one had no surfactant. The 2nd one I added a little Dawn soap. So far, nothing has has happened. I had the ratios correct. Any clue as to what's going on?

  2. Just a tip if mixing, fill with most of the water first to avoid foaming problems. Also a few drops of Dawn work great as a surfactant. All you are trying to do is release surface tension of the water.

  3. Hey man, I hate bees, cuz they sting, and I hate clovers, cuz they are considered weeds. There's nothing wrong with it 🙂 Whoever complained on your previous video is just stupid. I appreciate your video and effort!

  4. The hose spray method doesn't include a surfactant, does it? That's what you advocated in the first method. That's what I've heard every other weed person suggest.

  5. I live in Central Florida, and I bought some W-B-G concentrate locally at True Value to labeled to kill chickweed, clover and oxalis , and instructions said " NOT for use on Bahai, Bermuda, Centipede, Kiluyu, or St. Augustine lawns." WTH…should just have said NOT for Use on FLORIDA Florida lawns.

  6. Post script: The first application did not kill the clover, so hopefully a second application will do the job. Ortho did not mention that a second application might be necessary and when to do it in the instructions. Thanks again.

  7. I have potted clover (5 leaf) on my deck for the bees! I too do not like using chemicals on my lawn because I compost the little cuttings I have, but the clover has taken over my front lawn this year even after aerating and over seeding, so I'm using just Ortho Weed B Gone specifically for the clover. By the way, I do have lots of other pollinator plants on my property so there is a balance. I have Orange Trumpet hanging baskets for the humming birds. I consider myself a reasonable environmentalists, including composting kitchen waste and recycling all others. Great video thanks.

  8. The old man lawn goes all the way to the street maybe you should go ask him for some advice your edges are naked young fella⛳🥇👴

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