Growing Organic Autoflowers Day 52 || Outdoor Season Starts || Clones Are Rooted.

Today is just a quick update on all the plants. Day 52 for the Autos. Day 42 for the Cookies Auto. Day 13flower for the 3×3 tent. Clonrs have roots & some are …


  1. Hay stealth grow! I’ve been trying to follow your growing expertise! I’ve been using dr earth for a little while,I have a white widow in flower 4 weeks,the entire plant 🌱 leaves have brown spots on every leaf,growth has slowed,she has been fed 40/60 ratio a few weeks ago,I don’t know but thinking it maybe cal mag since dr earth has very little,so I have given her 2 doses one 6 days ago,now I’m just watching her to see what happens! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  2. How's it going Stealth Grow, plants are looking really good, keep up the good work, I have been following you for a while now but on a different channel, but I have my own grow series going now so will be using so of your knowledge that I have learnt……. Anything happens to my plants in blaming you. 😂😂 Keep it Bro!

  3. Yo bro my friend used to have problems like your experiencing with your cloner (wilting clones), in the aeroponic cloner just take off the lid….. problem solved. they are getting all of the water/ humidity needed from below. Not trying to knock what you have going on tho…. my vote is for the auto to go in the ground

  4. Hey how are you and happy growing and i would like to see to blue gelato in ground cause is looking really beautiful and big and it would be perfect and my husband love to watch your and leave likes and he as be taking tips of it grow and are lovely babys you got mate

  5. Great content as usual
    Keep up the great stuff and happy growing
    I’m feeling the “other” lady would love the hole in the ground. Looks like she is ready to impress

    🇨🇦 🔥 🌲

  6. Awesome vid once again… I asked a question on another vid.. but u might not have seen… I have a small plant 2nd or 3rd set of true leaves and it's showing female stigmas already… Do u know why it would be showing already??
    And I'm new to autos and I don't know if mine are autos but they started blooming already or showing without 12/12 and they are outdoors, Dr earth organic raised….
    Ideas or pointers are much appreciated..
    Thanks for the awesome vids

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