Godzilla: King of the Monsters – Knock You Out – Exclusive Final Look

Godzilla: King of the Monsters – Knock You Out – Exclusive Final Look In Theaters Thursday Get tickets now: Fandango.com/godzillamovie Follow us on social: …


  1. Critics hate this movie because they think there's too much focus on the monsters. Dude…it's literally a movie called King of the MONSTERS what do you expect? Plus, it's focused on King Gojira protecting his throne from Ghidorah, the false king, obviously there's going to be fights and roaring.

  2. in Godzilla vs Kong
    Godzilla: see kong what the hell is that giant ape
    Godzilla: I'm also a king
    Kong:I WANNA FIG-
    Godzilla Use Thermo Pulse
    Kong: dead

  3. If there will be cricket match for me then if someone has sledge me then when bowler bowl then I will hit a six then I will say to bowler in a loud voice that I Am Gonna Knock you out!!!!!

  4. while this is not related to the video that much I'm going to put this idea here anyway

    I think the CGI monsters are better than men in a suit cause when its a suit its often painfully obvious and it just does not feel right for such a massive creature
    but this movie and the one before it using CGI allows them to display the size and power of these things in full force unlike the originals these monsters FEEL massive and it improves Ghidorah in multiple ways the pterosaur/ wyvern like stance makes him more imposing and his legs are like those of a therapod dinosaur not treetrunks that he balanced on like the originals and his heads also feel alive and aiming rather then just flailing around like a rubber toy

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