Get Rid Of Mommy Tummy with 3 Simple Diastasis Recti Exercises | 7 Day Challenge

In this video, I will show you 3 simple diastasis recti exercises that help you get rid of your mommy tummy. Do this as a 7 day exercise challenge and come back …


  1. so glad i found u
    im embarrassed coz i didnt know bout diatistis recti so long just found out
    i have 2 kids one is 21 and the other 14
    im 47 years is it too late to start i was doing planks and reverse crunches and stuff like that
    can you please clear my doubt I've stopped every thing else now doing your videos plus upper body
    Thanks love the patience u show while explanating very beautiful

  2. Hi, I've been doing these exercises for 2 days now and find I can easily do all 3 of them but when doing the toe taps my hips or pelvis I'm not exactly sure which cracks/pops it isn't painful but should I have this checked out? I had an emergency c-section and I am currently just shy of 13wks postpartum. Thank you!

  3. Through a friend I came to know I have Diastasis Recti, something I've not heard before. She showed me some Exercise I can do to heal it & I can across your video too, it's really helping me & my diastasis recti is healing gradually.

  4. It's been 7months after my caesarian and I don't know whether I have diastasis recti,but my tummy size is 41.can you please tell me when should I start doing other forms of exercises like plank and crunches.plz reply

  5. Hello mam m mother of two babies n both are gone through c section second baby is of 3 weeks n m have this problem of mummy tummy tell me when I start all these exercises…..

  6. Have lost d mummy weight but still struggling with the mummy tummy…. Will dis exercise help me lose all the mummy tummy or there are some certain foods I need to avoid. And by d way I hardly eat junks

  7. Today is my 7th day if this exercise… I feel really great… I had 1 finger separation between my abs.. Its almost closed up in mere 7 days..except for 1 cm near my naval.. Wow… Im gonna continue this.. Shall update again

  8. I had twins and that pregnancy did a number on my belly. It has been 7 years since then. Do these exercises help if it has been years that I have had diastasis recti? Do you recommend any other exercises in my case? Thank you

  9. Hi I can't thank you enough!!! So even after 4 months of delivery I was looking atleast 5 months pregnant and my tummy was kind of stiff. While searching on Google I came to know that there's something called as Diastasis Recti which I have and didn't know what it was.

    I found your video and did exercises everyday for 2 weeks and my mommy tummy has gone completely!!! I was never had flat tummy but I can say my tummy has come to its original shape like it was before pregnancy. Thanks a ton 😊

    It's my third week, I am continuing your exercises. Can you please let me know when can I start other exercises like plank and squats for overall weight reduction or should I wait for more days.

  10. This exercise really works. Been 10 years since i gave birth. I never knew about diastasis recti until i reached this channel 8 days ago. I researched a little more about it and learn about tummy vacuum. I did this exercise while taking into consideration the tummy vacuum

  11. Does this work for weight-loss? I've lost over 100lbs a few years ago and a plastic surgeon mentioned that I have this problem from the weight-gain… I would much rather heal this naturally than have the recommended surgery to re-attach the muscles

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