1. Peace! The Destroyer of The Gentiles (Red Planet) is in its way! All the Governments of the world know this and are aware. The Russian Scientists & US scientists both disagree as to the arrival of the flyby of The Nemesis System. This will cause the Sun to rise from the West and set in the East beloved. Four volcanoes 🌋 just popped off yesterday and seismic activity is at an all time high! Also we will be going through an asteroid ☄️ debris field very soon. Earth will experience severe asteroid storms in cycles. This will begin next month and by September, EVERYONE on the planet will know there are catastrophic atmospheric and seismic effects occurring.

  2. Rastafari…H.I.M.Girmawi Kedamaw'e Haile Selassie I Jah First…Negusa Negas…Ababa Jon Hoy…Mis Gaan Naam…HalelluYah Sehumi Igziabeher…Holy one of Israel…Ancient of days…I.N.R.I…Eternal joyz…glad tidingz…izes…Salaamta…Shalom…Ameyn & Ameyn…

  3. Yet we are still oppressed smh some of you brothers are insane always wanting to be so philosophical and knowledge ghetto bullshit the Committee 300 Are aimed at following statements below

    The idea of creating unified church.
    Destroying countries’ national identities.
    Destroying their religions and cultural values.
    Applying Brain washing techniques by means of technological advancements
    Drug and pornography legalizations
    Abusing countries’ energy resources and setting up nuclear power centers.
    Causing starvation in the third world countries and dragging some developing countries to destructive wars.
    Harming and corrupting labor classes in the countries by leading to high unemployment rates.
    Increasing economical volatility and risk growth rates that might end up with economic crisis, halting economical reputations and demotivating their populations.
    Granting all Foreign and domestic policies over the world
    Penetrating and undermining all governments
    Sabotaging countries’ educational systems.
    Planning and scheduling terroristic activities by affiliating with illegal corporation spurring chaos and corruption in the countries.
    Propagating ‘religion liberty’ across the world to disrupt the religions. Coleman here describes “Jesuit Liberation Theology” was the beginning of decline in the Somoza family rule in Nicaragua abolishing EI Salvador, now 25 years into a “civil war,” Costa Rica and Honduras. He exemplified communist oriented Marry Knoll Mission as one of the most striking engagement.
    Pushing some concepts like ‘Moslem Brotherhood’, ’Moslem fundamentalism’ forward to countries causing social disintegration and tension. He alleges Ayatollah Khomeini was the founder of British Intelligence Military Intelligence Division 6, commonly known as M16.

  4. Pope gregory put five extra days on the callender but on the hebrew callender we got 360 days so it is really 1999 .Back to pope gregory since he put an extra 5 days he made it 2020 but revelation says behold i see three spirits like frogs that is mercury jumping in our solar system an when he jumps out that is when the carona virus will leave.And oh yeah mercury spent the earth backwards 21 days on its axis wich is 21 years to my FATHER wich pushed it back to 1999 quater of1998 to be exact spiritually disagreeing in Yahs name we are stones lest build up .👑👑👑AMEN👑👑👑 .MEEKEEAEL the one to open the 7seals

  5. Greetings blessings Rastafari rules eternity I n I give thanks for all the wonderful guidance over the years man a real SOULJAH Lion heart 🙏🦁❤💚💛🇧🇴🌍 ONE LOVE

  6. Praise Yahweh God is good all the time what I remember about 2012 I lost my mother and I lost my wife Yahweh is God of the Yahweh is the god of Israel I love him this is the last days for the world the Kingdom of Heaven is coming praise Yahweh

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